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Why people fail at Financial Independence? (because they do not feel it)

It’s all about the programming in your grey matter … and the … fire in your heart …. The same thoughts generate the same actions and the same results. FI requires a reiwiring … What moves you to do things, Read more…

leanFIRE vs fatFIRE

What if FIRE? FI: Financial Independence; Not being dependent on an active income to maintain one’s lifestyle. RE: Retire Early; Retire years before the official retirement date. What is the difference between Lean Fire vs Fat fire? FIRE is a Read more…

The three pillars of my FIRE strategy

FIRE is the objective of financial independence, i.e. not dependent on work to generate the necessary dosh to cover your expenses. Some people are born into riches others win the lottery. The rest need to use their brains and brawn Read more…