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How to earn a passive income from EOSBet

What is EOSBet?

EOSBet is a casino and it runs on a decentralised network; EOS. A pre-sale to select investors seems to have already taken place. Details are unknown.

Two ways to make real passive income on EOSBet

  1. Referral income if people use your referral link then you earn 0.5% the share of their losses.
  2. BET Dividend tokens will represent a claim on 100% of the profits generated by the site. The passive income will be quarterly in the short term, and eventually, they will process it on a daily basis.

The Catch

At this time one can earn these tokens by gambling on the site. WARNING this is a crazy way to buy these tokens. It makes more sense to wait for a token sale if you want to buy BETDividends. What is EOSBet?

EOSBet is a casino on the EOS network, it’s majority stake is owned by a central entity, but it uses a decentralised network; EOS, when it runs. A pre-sale to select investors seems to have already taken place.

It seems that this site has no legal licenses so be careful if it is legal to gamble on it or not for you.

Gambling is bad, bad, bad for your passive income portfolio.

When you gamble on EOSBet, you are not creating any passive, on the contrary, you are throwing away approximate of each of your bets. There are several systems which have been promoted such as doubling your bet every time you lose. These are hocus pocus systems, You will lose. Just like this unlucky fellow.


Gambling for fun, with money one, can afford to lose? Maybe. If you wanna try do it here: EOSBet  . Be Warned it is addictive. Sadly, I fell for the trap and ended up losing money. I am not touching this site again. Ever.

If you would like to build a passive income portfolio you can also consider Masternodes or Staking coins.

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