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Is passive income from DEOS Games, possible?

How can a passive income be earned from DEOS Games?

  • Referral links. DEOS tokens do not share a profit of the returns on this platform. It is possible to earn a passive income from EOSBet, as the BET tokens give you a claim on their profits.
  • When you bet EOS on DEOS games you get DOES token at a ratio of 1:1. This is not a passive income but it is worth mentioning.

How to use the referral links on DOES Games?

  • Login in through scatter
  • Accept identity
  • Click on the top right-hand corner and choose your affiliate link.

How do DEOS referral links work?

When another user, uses your referral link and they play you earn 0.3% forever from each bet in EOS (regardless if they won or lost). Additionally, if you hold 50 000 DEOS tokens at your account, you will receive 0.6% from referrals.

What are the differences between EOSBet and EOS Games?

  • EOSBet has BET tokens and DEOS has DEOS tokens
  • On EOSBet you can only bet with EOS tokens
  • On DEOS Games you can bet with both EOS and DEOS tokens
  • BET tokens provide a share of the profits from EOSBet.
  • DOES tokens do not provide a share of the profits from DEOS Games.
  • It seems both platforms do not have any gambling licenses.


At this time EOSBet has a lot more potential from passive income the DEOS Games. The Bet tokens offer a stream of income as long as the platform makes a profit. These platforms are very new and very risky. Consider other passive income systems in Crypto such as staking and masternodes


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