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Masternodes Curated List

Although in this list we try to provide good projects, by no means this constitutes investment or financial advice or a recommendation to buy, sell or hold.


Ticker: Dash

Dash objective is to become a cryptocurrency for the people. To be used in their everyday purchases. Dash can make instant, private payments online or in-store. It has over 3,800 merchants, Learn more about Dash in our review.

Dadi Host 

Ticker: Dadi

Monetizes spare computational power, DADI is the middleman between all the peers who have computational power and those who need it. Have a look at this interesting AMA from Dadi.

Wabi – Walimai Masternode

Ticker: WABI

Walimai and Wabi are 2 different blockchains.  Wabi is an ERC20 token and is not a supply chain coin. Walimai is a supply chain coin and the Walimai masternodes audit the transactions on the Walimai chain. To run a Walimai node 5.000 Wabi are needed. There is a queue to operate a masternode. They are assigned according to the size of the wallet of the applicant. Walimai also have another type of masternode called TrustNode. The community has not been too excited about this.


Ticker: TFD 

Farm-to-table fresh food traceability on the blockchain. They have a tokenomics model which is unlike most other MN coins, but similar to Wagerr and Trittium, MN returns come from fees rather than inflation. The returns paid are in a stable token, called Calories (CAL).

See also the restrictive masternode onboarding process, which is more complex than typical masternodes.

TE-Food masternode types.

  • Iridium — 20 000 TFD
  • Steel — 60 000 TFD
  • Platinum — 120 000 TFD
  • Titanium — 350 000 TFD

Masternodes General List

This is not just another masternode list, this list has been curated to include only specific projects which meet our quality standards. This curation is not investment advice and is not provided under any guarantees.

NameReward TypeTypeAuthors interest
AlqoBlock RewardExchangeLow
Smart CashBlock RewardCryptocurrencyLow
Pac CoinBlock RewardCryptocurrencyLow
BosCoindApp PlatformHigh
DashBlock RewardCryptocurrencyMedium
CrownBlock RewarddApp platformMedium
MueBlock RewardCryptocurrencyHigh
Tomochain?dApp PlatformMedium
Nuls?dApp PlatformLow
GinBlock RewardMasternode hostingHesitant
StipendBlock RewardJobsHesitant

Masternode Services

Masternode MeMN Hosting (Dash Only)
OmniMN Analytics
BuzzMN News
StakeetMN Hosting
My NodeMN PoolingVerified Provider
Node VPSMN Hosting
MasternodoMN Hosting
Masternode hostingMN Hosting
Node SupplyMN Hosting
Node LinkMN Hosting
Zed nodeMN Hosting
Node HubMN HostingVerified Provider
Gin Platform
MN Hosting
GentariumMN Hosting
SNodeMN Hosting
NukleusMN Pooling
MN RankMN Listings
Masternodes ProMN Listings
Masternodes OnlineMN Listings
Wire HiveMN Hosting (Dash, Stratis, Pivx and Zcoin)
Node StopMN Hosting Hosting

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