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Passive Income from Kowala nodes. The Stable coin.

Kowala’s objective is to create a stable coin. The objective is for 1 kUSD – $1

Blockchain Details:

  • Source: Derivation of the Tendermint protocol and heavily modified of the ETH code base
  • Dual token Own Blockchain
  • kUSD – The Stable coin only $10,000 will be premined, these are scheduled for destruction later.
  • mUSD – Minting coins total coins – 1,073,741,824 All pre-mined –  (Sold in the ICO, I guess?)
  • Speed: Block time less than 1 second. Block times at 7,000 TPS
  • POW: Nodes require low computational requirements can run on AWS.
  • Fees: Less than a penny
  • Mainnet launch: Q3 of 2018

How to make a passive income from Kowala masternodes?

  • Mining for mUSD by staking then in a node. 30,000 coins are needed to create a Kowala masternode. These will generate kUSD. The block reward is variable. The amount depends on the price of kUSD. If the stable coin is below or above the $1 then the block reward will be adjusted in order to stimulate the market to keep the value at $1. Another mechanism is to freeze kUSD taking it out of the circulation. Collateral is not locked to create the stable coin unlike Maker.dao
  • Fees from transactions will be shared among the miners.
  • According to Kowala if the market cap goes up to 3 billion the expected returns are of 83 kUSD per month.
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  • Tether
  • TrueUSD
  • Dai
  • bitCNY
  • Basis
  • Circle
  • Dash (While Dash is not a stable currency it is being used as an alternative to the local and USD in Venezuela)

How to get kUSD?

There has been a sale of a pre-Sale and no ICO has been announced as of the time of publication.

More information:

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