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Restart Energy

19th Apr 2018

Restart energy is a retail energy franchise sales company. It;’s objective is to onboard energy prodcuers, then sell this energy to consumer directly or through franchises. The franchises need to own a certain amount of tokens to be allowed to sell their energy through the platform.

MWH tokens 1 energy trading KWH tokens Needed to setup a franchise.

Restart Energy Passive Income

  • MWAT tokens will come pre-charged with 0.11 kWh.
  • Each token will have a claim to the community energy fund which is topped up with 1–5% of total grid power. This power will be paid by the energy producers in exchange for their use of the RED platform.
  • Token can be rented out to franchises to reduce their startup costs.

Restart Energy review and Analysis


  • Restart Energy generated $5.45m of revneue in 2016. This proves tha the company business model works.
  • Has aquired six solar parks and two hydro power plants
  • It plans to be operational in 23 countries by 2023
  • 88% of tokens are already in circulation, meaning there are only 22% of coins that will be issued as of April 2018.
  • Restart energy has a strong focus on being in the energy retail space through their franchises and also on the production side through financing energy producers. This gives them leverage over both the supply and demand side of the business process.
  • Restart energy is a regulation oriented enterprise and they are making their utmost to be regualted from day one.


  • Restart energy is similar to WePower as they both allow for the tokenisation of electricity. Power Ledger is another Blockchain projcet which focused on renewable energy peer to peer transactions.
  • Smart meteres are needed for end customers to use Restart Energy which makes adoption slower.
  • Restart energy has expanded very fast, speed of expansion tends to come at the cost of stability both in terms of finances, hr and business process.
  • Platfrom will be ready before the end of 2018


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