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Interview with Nick Sawinyh of 2Masternodes.com

Can you introduce the team behind 2Masternodes?

The 2Masternodes project was founded in 2018 by the 2Miners team(known for popular 2Miners.com cryptocurrency mining pool). Our main goal is to make complicated cryptocurrency things simple. We think of our users agree that all of our projects are easy to understand.

Why are so many crypto projects using masternodes rather than PoW consensus systems?

PoW mining usually wastes too much energy. Moreover, PoW requires special hardware: ASIC, GPU, CPU, HDD etc. Masternode is a “green” alternative to mining as none of the advanced hardware is required. Masternode doesn’t require a lot of energy compared to PoW.

What is your selection process when it comes to adding new masternodes on your platform?

We analyze multiple factors not just the annual ROI and masternode price. We are making our own inspection of the project. We talk to the developers. We want the coins to be as reliable as possible. When the masternode network got the problem the users usually ask us and not the masternode developers so we don’t want to spend our time on untrustworthy project or coins with a too unstable price.

Can users host both full masternodes and shared masternodes on 2masternodes and what are the fees for these services?

Our users could buy complete masternodes or just masternode shares from the list of supported coins. The standard fee is 10%. It is charged only from a masternode reward. There is no hidden or extra fees. However due to the price drop we’ve increased the commision for some masternodes. The active fee applied is shown on the page of each coin at 2Masternodes

Do you plan to add more services in the future?

We are planning to add a kind of masternode shares market where users could easily buy or sell their masternode shares. In the nearest feature, we plan to provide more detailed statistics to our users to help them make the decision which masternode should they invest in. We are looking forward to having a cooperation with multicurrency wallets to allow their users to invest in masternodes in a few clicks.

Can you provide a screenshot showing an example of the passive income and fees paid for a particular masternode?

Let’s have a look at GoByte (GBX) masternode hosted on 2Mastenodes service. There are 11 active investors. More than 572 GBX in total received while the masternode price is 1000 GBX. Current ROI is 57% after 184 days of operation.

What is the difference between hosting a node from your own wallet and buying a masternode share?

Advanced computer skills are usually required to start a masternode on your own. Even if there could be a detailed manual “How to start a masternode” you could not predict all problems that could arise during the masternode operation. Unfortunately, masternodes don’t always work smoothly. The blockchain could be accidentally or intentionally split, the new software could appear etc. If you buy a masternode share at the service you just pay a small fee and don’t care about anything. All you need to do is to send an investment and wait for the rewards to arrive.

What features does 2masternode have that make it stand out from other masternode hosting platforms?

2Masternodes is the only one 100% automated service that allows you to buy either complete masternodes or masternode shares. 2Masternodes is built according to high security standards. Registration is not required so the service is completely anonymous. User-friendly design and 24/7 support make the service that everyone understands.

What are your favourite master node projects?

Masternodes Pro and Masternodes Online are for sure the best aggregators of masternode coins available. They also provide a lot of useful masternode statistics per each coin. We don’t have our favorite masternode coin as each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

For more information please visit: https://2masternodes.com/

We Thank Nick Sawinyh for the interview.


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