33 tips on how to find a rich husband.

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Dear Reader,

I have stretched my poetic license in this article. I have made generalisations about both men and women. I have stereotyped and made grand claims about how certain types of men and women think and act. You need to take my writing with a generous pinch of salt, a glass of wine and a tad humour. In the meantime between these lines, you might find the answer to a long, healthy, happy and bountiful life so … read on 🙂

Jim R.

Most women have the dream of meeting and marrying a rich man. They think that meeting such a man would make their life more comfortable and more satisfying. Being rich has its advantages, many problems can be solved with money. However, there is a catch, rich man tend to be achievers, high performers and have good people skills and excellent judgment. These men might have above average IQ, and you need to be on your guard when dealing with them! Just like any other men, they are most of the time look for instant gratification!

Most man will try to get away with, well, whatever they can get away with. The average rich man is a charmer, charismatic and knows his way around people. They have skills to attract, seduce and then move on. You have to make a decision at the start of this journey not to be a number or a story in a rich man’s memory but a thing of deep long term desire and value. The nuance is important to understand. 

A rich husband might be a natural fit for you, especially if you come from a specific background or work in some particular sector. If a rich man does not cross your path every day, you need to make some changes to yourself and your lifestyle to meet your (rich) prince charming. 

The right mindset to meet a rich man

While in your search, you have to separate the bluff from the real deal quickly. There are many wannabe rich man out there, but all they have is dreams and debt. What you are looking for is an accomplished businessman or someone whose future is almost guaranteed. 

A wealthy man will spot a gold digger miles away, your mindset needs to be the inverse of a gold digger. Your focus should be in giving value rather than extracting it. Behind every great man, there is a great woman (and vice versa). Rich man, need strong emotional bonds, they need a healthy and robust relationship with a woman who can stand her ground and challenge them to do more and be better. A woman can help them control their risks and to help them release steam in a controlled way.  

If you are willing to become a rolling stone, to change, mature, evolve, grow and learn. Then you and your man will be having many different lives in the same lifetime. Aren’t we all looking for variety? Most people would be more satisfied if they had different flavours of the same familiar thing. The excitement of the new, while having the advantage of known.

What does being rich mean?

If rich for you is the amount of money in a bank, I invite you to expand your understanding of this term. Rich can also mean rich in time, rich in happiness and rich in knowledge. Probably the truly rich are rich in many aspects and not just money. This is important to know because a rich man might be next-door neighbor, who looks like an average dude but has saved more money then he will ever need in his whole lifetime.

There is a community of FIRE seekers, these people are looking to save as much money as they can so they can retire early. One of their credos is frugality. These rich men will be hard to spot because they look pretty average on the outside, but their savings are nothing but average. There are even bloggers who post their finance and income online!

Your eye for a rich man might be tricked into looking for flashy cars, expensive watches, high rollers at the casino, or those who hang out in posh places. The man hanging out in these places might just be there looking for ladies who are looking for a rich man. Many of these men might be fun for some time, but I suspect that most are not truly marriage and father material. A man’s habits are a good indicator of his potential wealth.

Finding a rich man

There are two kinds of man who have a hard time hiding their wealth. Those whose profession is associated with a high-income man in specific occupations and men with successful customer-facing businesses.

The high earners in specific jobs should come with no surprise; specialised doctors, pilots, high-ranking civil servants, politicians, lawyers and senior software developers. 

Businessmen, who own successful business, also have a hard time to hide their wealth. If their business is customer-facing, it will be pretty easy to get an estimate from the foot traffic in their store. If you want to take your research a step further, you can always look up their company’s accounts.

Keep your search simple and effective. Trying to cast a wide net, will yield results but your catch will not be as strong. 

With your search criteria clear in mind, you can target these groups effectively both electronically and in the real world. For this search, Facebook is your friend. The men you are looking for tend to hang out in specific locations, be creative while not making your ultimate objective obvious.

  1. Specific dating sites
  2. Conferences
  3. Workshops
  4. Meetups
  5. Specific events and Charities: some rich man like to show off their generosity and to share interests. Rich men also tend to be competitive.
  6. Restaurants and Coffee Shops, in specific neighborhoods.
  7. Cafeterias of specific buildings

You will probably need to use all of these methods to find your potential (rich), husband. Whilst in this game, do not play the underdog, meaning do not play defence. If you are, then you have not done your homework right. You need to approach this as a fair value exchange. If for you it does not feel like it yet, then work on yourself until it does.

When you play the underdog in this game, the only thing you will take away is a few sad stories.

You are doing this your future kids, and for yourself, such an objective is noble in nature and once should not be ashamed of putting in hard work for building your own nest.

How to seduce a rich man?

Meeting a rich man is one thing, but getting noticed without being too obvious is another. When a rich man is looking for a long term relationship, they are looking for many things.

Thinking strategically about what a wealthy man wants. What is the big picture? What is a rich man’s mind looking for? Probably rich men are looking for one thing subconsciously and for another consciously. You can beat the competition by thinking holistically rather than focus on any specific aspect of your yourself.

What a rich man is looking for in a woman:

  1. A person who they can bring to their parents home with confidence, someone both their mother and father would be proud of.
  2. A good mother for his future children.
  3. A good woman to hold a family together in the good times and in the bad times.
  4. An excellent companion in their old age.
  5. Someone to get wild with on a Friday night once the kids are asleep.
  6. A person who has good judgment, who can make the right decisions on their behalf.
  7. Someone who takes good care of their money and helps them grow their stash even more.
  8. Businessmen are also looking for someone who can take care of their interests. They cannot be in the same place
  9. Someone passionate about a genuine cause, and does something about it.
  10. They are not looking for someone who is addicted to social media and has a life full of empty nothings.
  11. A person who has a balanced view of the sexes and their strengths.
  12. Someone who can challenge them to grow and evolve.
  13. Someone who shares an interest with them, whatever that is. It is easier if you find someone you genuinely share your interest with.
  14. Someone who supports them in becoming their best version of themselves, rather than trying to change them into the man they dream of.

On the tactical level you need to get noticed, but not make it too obvious. Seducing the potential rich husband is a matter os showing off all of the above qualities, in the right order without giving the man all they want in right away. Some rich man might be looking for a rich woman, but others are merely looking for someone who has many good qualities.

Seduction is a natural ability in women, so bring your A-game into it if you really want to find that dream husband. 

  1. Upgrade on your social skills, manners, education and your looks.
  2. Be sure of yourself, be you and do not try to impersonate anyone! Men like women who act naturally, who love and respect themselves, so are your best self and he will fall in a minute!
  3. Dress classy, slutty is not attractive unless in Pretty woman! That does not mean that you can not use a nice cleavage or a short skirt, that means that you can wear sexy clothes without losing your class.
  4. Go for red it seems to attract men, for some reason. So, invest in a beautiful, elegant and fit red dress or red high heel shoes.
  5. Take care with your hair, body and skin, Men are visual creatures.
  6. Learn from others the best way to present yourself.
  7. Use jewelry and perfume to your advantage. 
  8. Rich man, like all others, like a friendly smile!   The dentist can help you get a better smile than you have today.
  9. Reciprocate the advances: rich men are like all others and want to feel a mutual attraction. Don’t put it all out there on the first date but keep him interested. Remember that you don’t want him to think that you are a slut but do not act like a saint either!

How to keep a rich husband?

Be proactive, do not be passive, surprise him, maintain an emotional connection, treat him well and do not take him for granted.

You think that finding and seducing a rich man is hard? You are wrong! What is hard is keeping him! Ladies, you have to go head over heels to maintain a rich man interested in you, to make sure that you are the one, to keep the attraction and the fire alive! If you have gone to so much trouble to nail him, no way you are going to let all that go down the drain!

There are some rich men you can keep, there are others you couldn’t keep even if you bolted them to the ground. Rich alpha males, have in their DNA to roam around in the literal sense of the world. Alpha males tend to be leaders, challenging, competitive and boss around the beta males. Beta males, on the other hand, are far less exciting than Alpha males, but make for great home makers because they tend to stick around for longer. Beta’s need far less variety in terms of women to be happy.

  1. Be a good listener that is fundamental! Men, like you to be understanding and one way to prove it is to listen to his words. 
  2. Be good at something he is not, that way you can offer your help and stay close. He will see that you are someone he can rely on.
  3. Do your best always to have something impressive to say that will keep him interested and proud of you. He will love to show off how smart and well-spoken you are.
  4. Show interest in his business and lifestyle, offer help, give your opinion on things. He will see you as someone who can help him grow further. But also remember to show great interest in your own financial affairs, you do not want to come across as someone who depends on him for money.
  5. Keep a strong network of friends. You can learn from them, rely on them. Show him that there is more in your life than just him.
  6. Don’t be a high maintenance woman, be happy with small things, enjoy little pleasures. 
  7. Don’t forget your dreams, keep your goals, that way he will know that you are not waiting on him to have a life!
  8. Make sure to get money and assets under your name.
  9. Learn about money, get your finances in order. A time will come where you have to share your financial life. Whatever its size having a history of being a good manager will only work in your favour.
  10. Get involved with a married rich man is the start of a treacherous mission filled with tears and heartbreak
  11. Do not sign a prenup! If you have to hire one, get the best lawyer you can get to negotiate on your behalf
  12. Get to talk about why you are in this relationship early. Not as soon a the first month of course, but do not beat around the bush for too long. As a woman, time is crucial for you. If your mission is to find a good rich husband to start a family with, then, do not shy away from your objective. Maybe losing the vibrant husband part.


As a woman who can offer value you would like to have a husband who has value to offer in return. A rich husband has many benefits from better financial freedom, healthcare to better schools for the kids, more exotic vacations and even a better retirement. In return, you need to be clear with yourself about the added value you will bring in his life. A rich husband, also wants to have family, kids and good times. There are many rich man out there looking for a good woman, whose finance does not necessarily match theirs, If you can work on yourself, do you homework well and then strategically look for that rich catch, your success depends only on your persistence.


Not investment or financial advice. This is not an endorsement or recommendation to buy, sell or hold.  The staff of this site may own the asset/s mentioned on this page. Investing is risky and you may lose all your capital. Do your own research. See full disclaimer.

We receive no direct payments from the mentioned companies. Some links on this page are affiliate links, at no extra cost to you, we may receive commissions when you use them. However, we try our best to keep our articles fair and balanced.


Author: Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds. Is passionate about finance, passive income and cryptocurrencies. He writes about his passions on NodesOfValue.com. He has worked in the tech and financial industry for a few decades. He holds a masters in business admin and a bachelors in IT. All his writings are not investment advice.

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