46 Work at home ideas for Mums

24th Jul 2019

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Let’s be real, being a working mom can be extremely challenging and demanding. It takes a lot of planning work to manage a household and the kids.

Do you remember how it felt having time to enjoy a cup of coffee before heading off to work? Do you remember when you had the time to get in early to show how efficient you could be? Well having kids changes it all, life changes for the best in many aspects but it brings unexpected difficulties to work wise.

It is hard to juggle work with kids and their need, manage the schedules sometimes is almost rocket science! That’s why many mums make the decision to stay home and work from home, being able to be their own boss and manage their own schedules.

It is easier to have a home-based job, that way you can devote to something you really like doing, you can make your own schedules, you can manage house chores and still be able to manage the kid’s schedules. Having a home-based job does not mean having less responsibility it just means that you have the change to enjoy the best of both worlds: motherhood and business.

In this article, I will show you work at home job possibilities specifically for mums. These could be the foundation of your own business. There is a world of opportunities, you just have to figure out what you would like to do, check the pros and the cons and dive in!

Since you are hard pressed for time, you might also want to consider turning a side hustle (a part-time job you control) into a full or partial passive income business. This means you automate as many parts of your business as possible in order to free up your time. Learn more on how you can create wealth.

I have chosen a few options and divided them into categories so that you have a general idea of the possibilities.

Online Products

1. Launch Online courses

Be sure that you chose something that you really know, elaborate a plan and go from there. You can decide on the number of lessons, the rhythm of learning. You can increase the likelihood hood of people following your classes by making them interactive. Give them assignments and different media to keep track of the interest. Learn more: Online course

Pros: can get you some extra money; can keep you occupied; you chose your own rhythm.
Cons: It’s got to be well planned and interesting otherwise people will give up after a few lessons.

2. Sell your creations on Etsy

You can just sell or you can have a store. You chose what to sell, from second handed things to clothes, accessories or handmade things.

Pros: can get you extra money; you can sell a diversity of items; doesn’t consume too much time.
Cons: you have to have good marketing skills; have a lot of competition.

3. Become a Mom Blogger

You can write about the multiplicity of subjects related to motherhood; you can write it as a diary sharing daily experiences; you can offer parenting tips; you can be creative and have an educational role. Consider also, buying a website, this will give you a solid platform of expansion.

Pros: Easy; little time consumer; good audience; opportunity to be creative and to share knowledge.
Cons: Not a fixed income, you can make good money or just a few dollars; got to have good writing skills and be able to deal with all kinds of feedback.

4. E-book writer

You can write for someone else or you can choose to write your own ebooks or guidebooks. Gives you the opportunity to get creative and if you like writing there is a perfect match. The added advantage of ebooks is that they can generate passive income.

Pros: You have your own rhythm of working; allows you to expand your writing skills.
Cons: Money depends on sales; in case you write your own books; earnings depend on what people are willing to pay for your work.

5. Real Estate Agent

Are you good selling things? Do you know your way around your neighbourhood? Maybe it’s a good option to become a real estate agent.

Pros: may earn good money; keep busy and make your schedule; meeting people; search for someone’s dream home.
Cons: Training takes around 150 hours; great selling skills; takes you away from home

Homemade products

6. Making soap and beauty products

You can make your own products using natural recipes or ancient family beauty secrets. Natural handmade beauty products have a high demand and people are willing to pay extra for good quality.

Pros: You can choose what to do; you can innovate and create new products; you can have an interesting extra income; with proper marketing, you can have a solid long-term business; low price raw materials.
Cons: Competitive market; Hard to find customers without investing in divulgation; requires a nice place for storage and manufacturing.

7. Sell Homemade Goodies, cake and birthday cakes

Homemade food items are in the expansion! You can create your own recipes; innovate old recipes and you can launch new flavours and combinations. Make sure that you can handle the requests, that you have proper packaging and hygiene conditions to bake. Homemade meals, especially ones that are healthier are a hit nowadays.

Pros: you can make good money; the more creative you get the better publicity you will have; allows a good radius for home deliveries; you can get creative; you can work with fresh local products.
Cons: You need to have really good cooking skills; you should invest information like cake design and sugar décor; you have to keep a high-quality standard…a small mistake can blow it all up.

8. Jewellery or Clothing Designer

Design jewellery and clothes for others is a good home based business for a mom. You can work your own hours and set your own limits. You need to have an arty side for this to be a success.  The market is looking for good designs and creations. People like creative pieces and the use of recycled materials is an interesting niche. This side hustle can also turn into a passive income business if you manage to clone your original creations.

Pros: you get to be creative; you can work with interesting materials; you can make some good money; you can sell online or in local fairs; you can use low-cost materials.
Cons: you have to keep being creative; you have to take time to find the raw materials; you need space to store the goods.

9. Soap making

A fun hobby that can turn into a successful business if you do it right. You have to work with quality materials, be creative, organic products are a hit nowadays so use natural ingredients but be sure that they work.

Pros: you can make some good extra money; you can work with natural products; you can develop a nice packaging and sell at home, online or in fairs.
Cons: you will have to learn how to properly do it; you have to develop your own formula and get it tested; you need to invest in equipment if you want to scale the business.

10. Candle making

Hand made candles are profitable businesses on eBay and Amazon. You just need to be creative, innovate on the types of candles, use attractive materials and decorations and spread the word on social media and local fairs. Learn the process, test it and then get creative!

Pros: people love candles, especially scented ones do you can make good money; you can use recycled materials to decorate; you can work with a wide variety of materials; you can enter the gift business (candles for baptism, weddings, etc)
Cons: you have to learn the trade; you have to invest in a diversity of materials; you need some childfree space to work; you need to get really creative to be successful.

11. Artist

Do you have a thing for painting, to sculping or to make drawings? Then you can use your talent to make some extra money. You can sell on local fairs or log on to specific sites that look for this kind of cooperation.

Pros: work at home; work at your own pace; being creative; working by demand.
Cons: meeting people’s; investment in materials.

12. Niche Baker

If you love to bake and have that special recipe everyone talks about, turn that passion into a cake baking business! There are so many opportunities: birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries and so on. Consider cooking your local dishes in gluten-free, lactose-free or nut free form, the demand for such dishes is rising.

Pros: Do something you love; make people recognize your skills; multiple opportunities; nice money.
Cons: Have to have good baking conditions and a nice space to work on.

13. Handmade postcards

If you are artsy you can create unique postcards, invitations or announcement greetings! Get creative! There are a ton of occasions that require a special postcard.

Pros: a wide variety of opportunities; can sell online; can sell at home or local fairs; doesn’t require a lot or stock or investment; nice extra money.
Cons: You need to be really artsy; requires a permanent innovation; need you to be focus to avoid spelling mistakes and other flaws.

Professional Products

14. Freelancer photographer

Freelance photographers engage in many genres of photos. Some do it for passion, others as a job. A good eye and artistic sense are a must. Animals, Urban Landscapes, Family photos, kids, pets, weddings, parties or social events and get paid but you can also take photos to sell to sites. In addition, photos can generate passive income.

Pros: You can do something you like; you can be outdoors or mingle in social events; you can get paid by service or sell your photos to a website.
Cons: You need a good camera; must deal with people and meet their requests.

15. Wedding Planning

Do you have a thing for weddings? Well, you can turn into a wedding planner assisting the couple with the venues, flowers, theme, dresses, food and all the thousand details a wedding requires.

Pros: will keep you rather busy; an opportunity to show your organizational skills; multitasking; you can get good money.
Cons: Deal with people and their personal requests; need good negotiating skills; need to work under pressure.

16. Handmade t-shirt prints

You can make your own t-shirts using several techniques. You can sell online, at home or at local fairs.

Pros: allows you to get creative; turn cheap t-shirts into unique pieces; get some extra money; create a trend.
Cons: Have a good working place; need to keep a good stock; invest in training to learn new and different techniques.

Basic Services

17. Professional House Cleaning Services

If you hate dirt, it’s an opportunity to offer your services to friends, neighbours and family. You can do domestic work such as cleaning, ironing; laundering clothing, washing windows, moaning lawn and even prepare meals.

Pros: you can search some websites that offer gigs in this area; allows you to get out of the house; making some extra money; mingle with people on a daily basis.
Cons: you have to do the things you do at home so you can get demotivated; got to make dislocations; have to be really good and like cleaning; you have to work with chemicals products.

18. Dog Care

Do you really love dogs, why not combine your passion and your side hustle? You can walk the dogs in the neighbourhood, taking them to the park on a daily basis.

Pros: Be around dogs; make exercise; make extra money; walk on a daily basis; meet people.
Cons: You really have to like dogs; be prepared to the dog’s energy; daily obligation.

19. Pet walking and grooming

Animal lovers are a natural fit for this home-based business. You can walk them or be their sitter when the owners are away on work or vacation, you can groom them (cut nails, wash, dry)

Pros: Allows you to have a pet without actually having a pet; extra money; getting out of the house.
Cons: You really have to like animals; remember that too many owners their pets are like their kids; dislocations.

20. Gardening services

Plant lovers enjoy being among plants, enjoying the rich smells of nature and the tranquillity of being amongst living things. Here is an idea: try to grow a variety of plants and then sell them to local consumers. Another option is to offer your services to other homeowners and take care of their yards.

Pros: Time outdoors; low budget; nice money; dealing with different kinds of people and needs.
Cons: You got to be devoted; need space to grow and keep the plants; need tools when working in other people’s gardens.

21. Flower arrangements

Floral arranging is a very creative job that provides great satisfaction for those who really love doing it. If you have a natural talent for this you may have found yourself a successful business.

Pros: you can work from home or establish a small business; lots of commercial opportunities; a job well done is your best business card; you can make good money.
Cons: Need space; need training; got to be competitive price wide.

22. Childcare

Are you into working with kids? Maybe starting a childcare business is a good idea, since more and more families become dual income households, the need for quality childcare has grown. For mums who have the time, space and the will they may succeed.

Pros: working with kids; staying at home; daily challenges; extra income; keep you motivated and informed.
Cons: great space for kids to be and play; you need to invest in books, games, toys and others; need to obey to several regulations.

23. Face Painter

Are you good at painting and drawing? Do you like to work around children? Well, you can offer your services as a face painter at parties, amusement parks, picnics and so on.

Pros: working with children; travelling around; being creative; a variety of locations to work in.
Cons: driving around; dealing with parents; investment in paints and materials.

Online services

24. Youtuber: Posting contents online

There are all sorts of videos that you can share on YouTube. Once you have a good number of people following and a high number of views, you can earn revenue from ads based on how many views your videos receive by signing up as a partner. You can also create your own contents, for instance sharing your experiences with parenting, offering advice, sharing funny home-made videos with the kids. Making money on youtube.

Pros: extra income; creativity; opportunity to reach out and share your ideas; have fun.
Cons: need a good camera; requires an outgoing spirit; dealing with comments and some negative feedback.

25. Virtual Wellness Coach

Mum, do you know your way around fitness, yoga or any other physical activity? Have you ever considered arranging for some virtual classes? You can lifestream or record and post, you can also include food tips, healthy lifestyle tips and general advice to keep your body and mind healthy.

Pros: You can exercise while inspiring others; you can go at your own pace; doesn’t require much investment; extra income; can lead to in house classes.
Cons: You have to be creative and assertive; need a nice set to tape the videos; you have to be good enough to motivate others.

26. Freelance copywriter

You have to put together promotional materials for various business, including ads, newsletters and others. Usually, copywriters have a degree in areas as advertising, marketing, communication or languages but you can do a great job if you have great writing skills.

Pros: To make money you have to be really good; allows to deal with different areas and subject’s; pushes you to grow better.
Cons: you need really good skills; not easy to land a job.

27. Virtual assistant

you have to handle a number of tasks for an individual or for a business. Those tasks include things like answering emails, entering data, scheduling meetings and appointments or can even include online shopping or updating social media.

Pros: keeps up active; no monotony; depending on the job you can get nice extra money.
Cons: you need to have enough free time; you may have to tackle things you are not used to.

28. Digital Influencer of Parents

this allows you to create forms to influence parents via social media, you can build a blog or a Facebook group about subjects that interest parents such as family-friendly business, reviews for kid products and toys, fitness tips, parenting tips and others. You can make money by selling ads and requiring payment to write your reviews. Influencers can make money from affiliate marketing 

Pros: A lot of subjects to tackle; your own pace; keeps active; may get you nice extra money.
Cons: negative feedback; dealing with people’s opinion; public exposure.

29. Blogging

For those mums who have a thing with writing and feel that they have something to say starting a blog and finding a way to earn some money from it can be the way. You can share your stories, ideas, recipes, travel stories, family stories and so much more. Affiliate marketing, ebooks, courses and mailing lists are all potential sources of income for a blog. Blogging is a way to sell an info product, but there are many info product ideas out there, check out these info product examples.

Pros: you can start a blog for free; can earn money from it; can reach many people; can get noticed and pass your message.
Cons: you need to keep it going; need to have time to post regularly.

30. Transcription Services

You will need to be a quick typist to be able to be an efficient transcriptionist. This job involves listening to a tape and type out the content word by word.

Pros: extra money; keeping busy; work at your own pace; work at home.
Cons: got to have a good internet connection; you got to be really organized; demands great attention to detail; meeting deadlines.

31. Data Entry

It is rather easy to find a job in this area and is one of the most convenient options for mums. Data entry vary from company to company but in general, it is all about organizing spreadsheets, inputting and updating information.

Pros: extra money; keeping busy; a variety of subjects; you can easily listen to podcasts or audio books while doing this job.
Cons: Requires extreme focus and high attention to details; deadlines; monotonous.

32. Website Content Writer

For mums who like to write, you can help companies by writing quality articles, blog posts and even twits.

Pros: online work; extra money; creative; a variety of subjects.
Cons: Time to research and focus; deadlines.

Personal Services

33. Tailoring and alterations

Either the Clothes alteration as the tailoring business demands much patience and attention, irrespective of how much of an experienced seamstress or tailor you might be. You better start small and grow from there according to the clients, being that you may have to hire some help.

Pros: dealing with people; be creative; nice extra money.
Cons: for those who are far from fashion houses and boutiques you may have to drive around a lot; not good if you are not a real fashion fan; you need a kid-free space because there are many hazards as needles and threads.

34. Sports instructor

A sports instructor is someone who uses their expertise in some kind of sport to teach and demonstrate others the basic principles, fundamentals and techniques. They work out of home mainly in community centres and other recreational facilities.

Pros: working out of the house; keeping active; passing on your knowledge.
Cons: You got to be really good at whatever sport you are teaching.

35. Teaching

Homeschooling and private tuition for kids or adults are in high demand. ; you can arrange for courses in your area of expertise or you can enrol an online teaching platform and became a virtual teacher!

Pros: keep updated; search for new material; deal with people; extra money.
Cons: Need a quiet space; got to master the subject and be ready for tough questions.

36. Translator

Translation and interpretation are in high demand. There are home based jobs dealing with translating correspondence, documents, books, meetings or phone calls can be a good option. You can work locally or you can log to an online platform and work from there.

Pros: extra money; keeping updated; variety of subjects.
Cons: meeting deadlines.

37. Personal Shopper

Get paid to shop and run errands. Their job is to serve clients who are too busy or simply unable to shop for themselves. Purchases might include everything from groceries to clothing and accessories. As a home-based business, it is perfect for someone who loves to shop and to walk around searching for that particular thing.

Pros: very active; entertaining; extra money; keep updated.
Cons: You really got to love shopping; you need to have enough free time; drive around and carrying bags.

38. Massage Therapist

Are you a licensed massage therapist? If so you may consider providing in-home massage treatments, if not, you must get your license first and then think about opening a business.

Pros: good money; keep active; help people
Cons: Investment in location and material

39. Beauty services

You may be just looking for some extra income but you may just as well start a home-based business and became a makeup artist. You may offer make-up services, counselling, offering tips, make make-up workshops. You can even offer your services door to door just need a nice wheeled bag to carry all you need around.

Pros: making people feel good and beauty; keep updated on beauty products; having fun.
Cons: investment in products and materials; dealing with demanding women; need a proper space.

40. Hair Stylist

You need to have a license to open a space where you can cut, colour and style your client’s hair. Once you have all the means you can go to their houses and work on demand.

Pros: keep active; nice extra money; keep updated on the hair trends; be creative.
Cons: investment in the material; advertising.

41. Personal Stylist

Do you fancy fashion? Just use what you know to help others find their own sense of style. A personal stylist assists their clients shopping for new clothes, accessorizing, with makeup and hair and their image in general.

Pros: nice extra money; keeps you updated on the trends; being creative; helping people and their self-esteem.
Cons: meeting clients tastes and requirements; driving around

42. Life coaching

For those who enjoy working with people and helping them reach their goals and their potential a coaching business may be a good choice. Technology provides a great help in this area and allows you to reach even more people since video conference allows a face to face coaching with people all around the world.

Pros: good money; can work at home; no need for an office; helping people.
Cons: Dealing with lots of negativity.

43. Cake Design

A cake designer is someone who specializes in making and decorating cakes for all occasions: special events, bachelorette party, birthday, weddings, religious events and others. Cake designers have to produce unique and breath-taking cakes based on the client’s requirements.

Pros: creativity; extra money; keeping busy; making people happy.
Cons: dealing with feedback; need a good space to work; needs training and formation in a continuous base.

44. Personal chef

For those who really love all about the culinary world becoming a personal chef may be a great idea to start a home business that could be very rewarding and potentially lucrative. A personal chef prepares meals for busy families, small home parties, corporate lunches, and for special events, such as birthdays or anniversaries. You can go cook at other people’s places since wherever there is a kitchen you can cook!

Pros: extra money; keeping busy; doing something you really like; meeting people; being creative.
Cons: At home, you need a good kitchen and to cook at the client’s home you need to have the proper means.

45. Event / Party Planner

There is always a party or an event going on…and guess what? Someone has to plan it! People often need help to plan events, from fundraisers to graduations, from baby showers to weddings. If you enjoy making plans and working with a wide range of clients and needs, this is the kind of job you can do mainly from home.

Pros: Extra income; creative; meeting people; making them happy.
Cons: dealing with supplier’s; meeting people’s expectations; requires a lot of free time.

46. Mystery shopper

Do you like to shop around? You can register on a website named Mystery Shopper and check out local businesses, restaurants and other establishments.

Pros: getting to know places; shop around; possibility of getting free stuff.
Cons: not much money; driving around.


In conclusion, there are a lot of opportunities for mums that want to stay home but keep busy and for mums who want to juggle their jobs with an extra paying activity. You just need to sit back and decide what suits you the best, if you have enough qualifications and know-how to do a good job, if you have the proper conditions and if you can joggle that along with all the other activities you have. A decision to start a home-based business can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. Do not expect to be wildly successful the first time, but this could be the first step to taking control of your own financial destiny.

The possibilities are endless, I have just given you some ideas to work with but you can figure out new possibilities and if they work for you go get it!

Most important remember that in spite of being a mum you are also a person and you need to feel full and accomplished, you have to be good with your choices and if works for you don’t even bother with what others may think!

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