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24th Jul 2019

Interview with Ms Yasemin Bahadır, a Business Analyst at Boğaziçi Ventures.

There are four crypto funds being offered Top 30 Crypto, Top 100 Crypto, ICO & STO and a Hybrid. Could you briefly introduce these funds?

BV Digital Asset Management is recently formed in April 2019. We have 4 funds, Top 30, Top 100, ICO&STO, Hybrid.

Top 30 fund is where we invest in the Top 30 cryptocurrencies according to our fund policy. There are determined rules on how to invest while forming our portfolios.

Top 100 fund is the fund which we invest in Top 100 cryptocurrencies under its roof. This fund is not much different but the portfolio policies and strategies are different than the Top 30 fund.

When it comes to the ICO & STO fund, we investigate new ICOs and STOs and invest where we see fit. Our investigations for new ICO and STOs includes a thorough analysis of the project and visiting the team we consider investing in. The Hybrid fund is a combination of the above-mentioned funds in calculated percentages. The Hybrid fund can be defined as a portfolio of the other funds.

How are the top 30 and top 100 selected on which basis?

The coins we are investing in are chosen according to the conditions of the market, news and our investment team’s expertise on the market. Our investment team consists of people who do not want to be named but are in the crypto business since 2013. We do not want to give their names to protect them from potential attacks to their social accounts and not to make them a target in front of hackers.

What data points do you use for this exercise?

We watch the projects closely, follow their updates, roadmaps and news in the media. We look for strong communities. We invest in projects that have a solid foundation meaning a solid purpose, technology and team. We do not invest in redundant projects.

What are the total assets under management in each fund? 

We have started this fund at the beginning of 2019 when the bear market was about to end and we had foreseen a bull market. We are managing 6 digits in the fund and each fund is going really well.

When the top 30, top 100 change how are the crypto funds revised, at what frequency?

The cryptocurrencies are revised every week during our investment meetings. The portfolio assets and the potential new assets are reviewed with supporting research papers every week. Our team prepares the updated research and trend report for Top 100 cryptocurrency each week and investment committee give the final decision for portfolio allocation.

Does the fund stake or create master nodes of the coins under management, if yes how are the staking or MN profits processed?

No, we do not stake funds or create master nodes at the moment. However, we will have staking investments in the future. There, we will be managing our own master nodes and we will be staking accordingly.

How do you analyse ICO&STO projects?

While analysing a new crypto project we first look if blockchain technology is needed for the project. If there is no need for technology, this lowers the credibility of the project. Other than that, we look at the teams’ credibility, if there are use cases for the project or not and if there is a place for the project in the market.

We conduct a market analysis and we evaluate the competitors of the project. It is important to understand if technology brings something new to the table or not. The project should either fill a niche, be useful and scalable in the market, or should bring technological advancement. The project’s team and headquarters should be public and accessible.

Boğaziçi Ventures had invested in a project called MenaPay; which is similar to Libra, Facebook’s new project. MenaPay is a good example to show our investment strategy and approach to the new digital assets. MenaPay brings a unique solution with a stable crypto currency to the unbanked population in the MENA region while demonstrating a perfect use case of blockchain.

What is the frequency of updates to the investors? Is there a daily NAV?

Investors’ portfolio and the value of their fund are announced through our mobile application every 15 minutes. The daily NAV is shown top left on the BV Crypto mobile application.

Can you give a general overview of the security of the crypto assets under management?

We don’t keep high balances in the addresses we use, the assets are held in a distributed way in low quantities. In low balance accounts, we use multisignature wallets. These multisignature wallets need minimum two different board members’ signatures to move the assets from one to another. Also, one of the multi signature wallets is always signed in the offline environment.

How can investors participate in these funds, what are the requirements and conditions?

We have various limits for each fund. Top 30 and Top 100 funds have a minimum investment amount of $25.000. ICO & STO fund minimum investment amount is $10.000 and Hybrid fund minimum investment amount is $50.000.

Qualified investors can participate in the fund via “LP agreement” and Boğaziçi Ventures provides the digital custody service for the investors. This is an easy and practical way for traditional investors to own and hold digital assets.

What are the fees to investors for each of the funds?

The management fee is given monthly as 0.25% of the invested amount. All investors can monitor their assets and performance from the BV Crypto application on their smart phones.

What is the procedure to withdraw from the crypto funds?

The investor requests a refund through our application or through contacting us and the funds are deposited under the above-mentioned withdrawal rules by BV Digital Asset Management.

Can you provide links to all your disclaimers?

We have a Privacy Policy and a User Agreement on our website.  However, our most important disclaimers are on our BV Digital Asset Management Agreements, which we do not share without keen interest in our fund. That being said, the general idea about our prices are given in Question 7.

For more information please visit: Boğaziçi Ventures

We thank Ms Yasemin Bahadır for the interview.


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