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Investment Strategy

  • Holding the top 31 cryptocurrencies by marketcap
  • Re-balancing once every two months
  • CombiCoin keeps betting on the winners by holding the top 31 and selling any coins which drops out of the top 31.


  • Holding: Zero fees
  • Buying:  3.5%
  • Selling:  3.5%
  • When the Combicoin is listed on an exchange the buying and selling will be done at market; zero fees



  • Ideal as a multi-year holding, because CombiCoin does not charge yearly managment fees.
  • Triaconta is registered in the Netherlands
  • It is very difficult to determine which cryptocurrencies will be successful, however the best ones


  • As of 2nd April 2018 CombiCoin and Tria tokens are not yet listed on exchanges.
  • The legal structure of CombiCoin is peculiar. This has been done in order not to fall under the Dutch financial regulator (AFM) rules.


  • Don Molenaar
  • Guust Hilte




  • None




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