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Counting House Fund

20th Apr 2018


Counting House Fund

  • Fees: 7% of each month’s profit
  • ICO Price: 1000CHT per 1 Eth
  • ICO Dates: 3rd April 2018 0:00 GMT to 15th May 2018 0:00 GMT
  • Jurisdiction: Seychelles
  • Team Based in: Australia
  • KYC: Not required

Investment Strategy

  • 60% Direct-hedging, algorithmic trading strategy
  • 30% Arbitrage
  • 10% ICO’s, physical assets and debentures.



  • Makes a profit if the market goes up or down
  • Invests in both day trading and ICOs
  • An experienced team which already trade in Forex markets
  • Tokenized fund which provides instant liquidity
  • Team has run a prototype for over a year


  • Crypto markets can be unpredictable; algo trading could result in unpredictable results.
  • The fund rests on the shoulders of the two founders; concentrating risk in case something happens to them


  • Tim Dawson
  • Mike Pomery



ICO Launch: 3rd April 2018




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