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Crypto Funds

21st Oct 2018
NameStartegyManagment FeeEntrance FeeExit FeePerformance FreeDividendReinvest
TaasICOs, Trading25%Y
CombiCoinTop 30 cryptos by market cap3.5%3.5%0
Crypto20Top 20 cryptos by market cap0.5%
SiftCrypto Trading15%Y
CaviarReal Estate and CryptoCurrenciesY
Counting house fundDay Trading and ICOs7%Buy Back when below Nav
Baltic FundStartups
Monaco EstateReal Estate
The Token FundCryptoCurrencies5%5%
Target CoinDay Trading10%15%
PentaCore FundCryptoCurrencies
Borgias CapitalCrypto Trading20%
22x FundStartups
Hyperion FundHyperion Fund4.5% (ICO only)12.5%50% BuyBack37.5%

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