Crypto Hedge Funds

21st Oct 2018
NameManagerPlatformStartegyManagment FeeEntrance FeeExit FeePerformance FreeDividendTokenized
Alt Money FundHedge
Base 58Hedge
Bit FInHedge
Bit SpreadHedge
BlackMoonBlackMoonMultiple funds
BlockChain CapitalBlockchain startups2.525
Blockchain IndexColumbus CapitalIconomiEstablished blockchain-based projects30.5
Blockchain SmartIconomiRestricted diversification among crypto assets.2.50.5
BMC OriginalFranc PagesIconomiMixed10.5
CARUS-ARMenno Peter PietersenIconomiMid-to-long-term revenue and growth2.750.5
COINBESTLander RubioIconomiHighest liquidity and lowest volatility20.5Y
Crush Crypto CoreVictor LaiIconomiUndervalued cryptocurrency assets2.50.5
CryptFAnton TenitskiyStocks and Bonds
Crypto Assets FundHedge
Crypto Currency FundHedge
Crypto Fund25
Crypto Fund AGHedge
Crypto LIfe CapitalTrading
Cyber CapitalHedge
Digital Developers FundDomain names and crypto currencies2.515
digital investment fundDomain Names15%Y
Ether CapitalHedge
EvareiumStefan Hickmottreal estate investment
FBG CapitalHedge
Future Chain IndexAljoscha FrickIconomiNew economy of digital assets.3.75
Greychain Emerging MarketsSteven ReynoldsIconomiDisrupt traditional financial services.30.5
Hedge-cryptoHedge-cryptoMultiple funds
HODL FundMarq Marti
Hyper Chain CapitalHedge
Melon PortMelon PortMultiple funds
Meta Stable CapitalHedge
MultiCoin CapitalHedge
Napoleon XNapoleon XMultiple funds
PintaColumbus CapitalIconomiDistributed economy startup
ProtosICOs and Trading2.525
ProtosMatthew Shaw,Hedge
Rich FundHedge
Shuttle FundHedge
Spice Crypto VC Fund
Target CoinCrypto Trading1060YY
The Asymmetry Asset Array Index (AAAX) - Kenny HearnIconomiScalability2.50.5
The Crypto FundHedge
The Token FundDecentralised economy55
Token Pot CapitalMickael Salabi
Voice of CoinsNikolay Zuykov
Invictus Kinetic fund
RCF FundRohan RathoodDay TradingY
XRCF FundRohan RathoodICOY
BitwiseHOLD 10 Hodl2.5%

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Author: Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds. Is passionate about finance, passive income and cryptocurrencies. He writes about his passions on He has worked in the tech and financial industry for a few decades. He holds a masters in business admin and a bachelors in IT. All his writings are not investment advice.

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