Dash Review: A sleeping giant or home to weeping hodlers?

Dash is focused on creating a payments network which facilitates a unit of exchange between buyers and sellers. It has a surgical focus on this and concentrates all resources in doing this. With Dash, there are no bells and whistles such as EOS and Ethereum.  Dash Evolution will make cryptocurrency management so easy that even your grandma can do it.

Dash Dividends

  • 1000 Dash coins are needed to set up a masternode
  • Dash has a masternode system where 45% of each block rewards go to the masternode owner. The masternodes do not benefit from the transaction fees.
  • There are various projects which offer Dash masternode shares. Instead of buying one masternode, investors can buy a share of a masternode.

Dash Crypto Investment Analysis


  • Dash is competing with the likes of Visa and Mastercard; Dash offers lower transaction fees, instant payment and settlement. No Chargebacks. Support in any country with minimal hassle.
  • Dash Evolution is an API system which has been under discussion/development since 2016. It will allow developers to easily build payment systems with integrated identity. Merchants will create in wallet applications to sell their products and services.
  • The new Dash wallet will include a system where those holding Dash can deposit their funds towards pooled masternodes and earn interest.
  • The Dash core team are one of the best teams implementing the wishes of masternode owners. Listening to Ryan Taylor of the quarterly call, will make you realise the size of his brains.
  • In 2017 / 2018 several key Business developments have been made including one with Alt36 which is a public business process.
  • Dash will create an investment arm which will generate additional returns to masternode owners.
  • Dash has hired some high profile personnel from the payments community Such as Bradley Zastrow. These people have experience, contacts and the drive to make Dash the go-to solutions.
  • In countries with weak financial governance, merchants have a huge problem as their local currency losses value by the day or the hour. In this situations, people tend to use Dollars or Euros. Dash is also being used as a unit of exchange as merchants have more faith in Dash or anyone of the highly inflationary currencies. Several projects including Dash
  • Dash is not based on hype, pump and dump, to the moon or Lambo talk at least from the inside community. You will find the team as a rational, focused team clear headed on what they want to achieve.
  • Evan Duffield, the creator of Dash, has a research lab in HongKong. It maybe he is working on an ASIC which can holes which can process Dash blocks very fast
  • Dash has a treasury which is financed through part of the block rewards. This fund can pay for proposals; anyone can post. The masternode owners have the right to vote for or against a proposal.
  • Dash Evolution has been touted to include a subscription model, recurring revenue to merchants.
  • UpHold.com has recently integrated dash making Dash to Fiat transactions much easier.
  • A test for peer to peer energy trading has taken place a U.S. Department of Energy lab at using Dash.
  • Dash is using a host of other technologies in the Dash Evolution such as Dash Drive and IPFS.

Cons / Risks

  • At this time there is no Dash roadmap, and the Core development team does not give out hard dates on when evolution will be finished.
  • Deflationary currency. This is not a positive attribute for a system which aims to be a payments system, because of LAW. If you had $100 and a bar of gold which one would you use first? If you where in a Syria after the war and held both the Syrian Pound and Bitcoin wich one would you use first?The same dilemma lies with Dash. Only 21,000,000 Dash will ever be produced, and thus the value of Dash will most likely increase in the future. Hence the holders of Dash would rather spend their Euros and Dollars first and their Dash later. The other side of this coin is that manufacturers can offer higher premium products which are engineered to last decades, meaning they will retain their value over time. However, BitPay has recorded a volume of an astonishing volume of retail purchases using crypto.

  • Neptune Dash commercialising masternodes. While they have every right to do so, I see little reason what benefits would this bring to the Dash network. Especially when they claimed they would not be voting on any proposals. One clear effect is pushing the price up. This is an artificial demand rather than organic demand from merchants and sellers
  • Sponsorship money is not being used 100% efficiently. This is in part cost of decentralisation and in another part lack of quality proposals. Especially when some projects do not break down the costs to implement the service and their profit over that service.
  • The Dash core team have up to now delivered “promises” and few concrete and tangible benefits. In 2017 and 2018 there were some new Dash releases but in practice, the wallet looks the same, and the end users do not have additional facilities on the blockchain.
  • Dash does not offer a tokenisation service, and most likely this is why it stepped down from the top 10. Platforms such as Cardano, EOS and Ethereum allow companies to tokenize assets. This gives developers the ability to pre-finance their software.
    Some of the best business men and developers are attracted to this system, they create usable applications, and in turn this generates demand for their token hosted on the platforms and for the platforms native token. Dash is missing out on this exponential effect. Dash is in a beautiful position to create something akin to the Simple token, allowing business and small business to tokenize their products or some loyalty point system.
  • Open Bazar and Syscoin are competitors to Dash. They are both creating decentralised systems to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.
  • Mining Dash is no longer profitable for the miners, in practice this decreases the hash rate available and makes the blockchain less secure.
  • Dash is a privacy coin something which regulators are not too keen on.
  • Dash was asked to have a sit down with the FBI but they refused.


Dash hangs on the promise of Dash Evolution.

Dash Evolution roadmap, features, ease of use by end users, developers and merchants will make or break Dash. The reason why Evolution was delayed is “technical debt”, meaning some code in Dash was in need of updating, and these updates have been ignored for a while. 2018 will show us if the structural changes of the core team in 2017/2018 and the skills of the core team can deliver Dash Evolution.

The Dash network will be able to run a number of diverse Decentralised Apps through the Rest API, the difference with Ethereum is that all apps will use Dash as their medium of exchange rather than ERC 20 tokens. In addition Dash users will also form a network with whoever they send Dash to as they can add these contacts through the Web Interface, this will enable the Dapps to use those sub-networks within Dash. The Dapps can also be financed through the Dash treasury.

The first version needs to be solid, bug-free and something that at least fulfils the basic wishes of the Dash Dapp Developers and Dash coin holders.

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Author: Jim Reynolds
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