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Divi Project: Cryptocurrency Made Easy!

Interview with Geoff McCabe CEO of the Divi project.

Can you introduce yourself and the team?

Yes, I’m Geoff McCabe, the CEO. I’ve been a life-long geek, first learning to code on a PET computer during the Apple-I days. I ended up going into Physics, getting a master’s degree, and then starting various businesses for 28 years, creating a series of million+ companies and having up to 1000 employees. Currently, in addition to Divi, I also own a few tech-oriented websites such as and My last job I think was working for Dominos pizza. What I know is how to start small businesses and have done so in a wide variety of sectors.

Our CTO and co-founder, Michael Greenwood, is a super-star coder/hacker who was one of those kid geniuses who started at Microsoft when he was 19. He’s also the best graphics designer I ever met. He worked directly with Bill Gates on UI/UX designs for Windows, Xbox, and many other Microsoft products. He’s been essential to Divi, helping set up the right structure for software development in an efficient way. Nick Saponaro is our other co-founder and is younger… 25 years old and is really good at just about everything he does. He’s great in front of a camera too. I couldn’t ask for better partners. They’re completely dedicated to Divi’s success on every level.

If you’ve taken a look at our advisory board, we have a really spectacular roster. We have world-class people in every category needed for success, basically a showcase of how to build the perfect advisory board. Tim Sanders was Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo and a world-renowned author of many books. Plus he’s on a first-name basis with the CEO of just about every tech company you’ve ever heard of. Ramez Naam was a Microsoft executive and also a famous author. His Nexus sci-fi series won almost every prestigious book award there is in the genre.

Toni Lane Casserly was co-founder/CEO of Coin Telegraph. Doug Scott was president of Ogilvy Entertainment, a division of Ogilvy which is one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies. Heidi Krupp is a top publicist who is the best-connected person I’ve ever met. Daniel Kraft is CTO of blockchain gaming company and was the lead developer for both Namecoin and Huntercoin, and also worked on Bitcoin Core.

What is the key problem Divi project is trying to solve?

Making crypto far easier and safer. Blockchain can be useful for a lot of things, but the one thing it does better than anything else is as a digital currency. Bitcoin is one of the world’s most important inventions, but it’s far too difficult to use, which is why you still can’t buy hamburgers with it. So it’s become a “store of value” or a “digital gold” instead.

So Divi is here to take over what Bitcoin started. We’re making a digital money that’s much more familiar to people. It hides the cryptographic complexity so people have something that “just works.” Average users don’t want to know about hashes and UTXOs and they certainly don’t want to deal with super-long strings of random characters for their account addresses.

Divi will have human-readable-addresses such as your name or business. You can send money to people if you know their email or phone number. And it will work for all types of cryptocurrencies in our multi-coin wallet. We’re making Bitcoin easier too by linking it with Divi. One of the biggest problems right now is the fear we have of hitting the SEND button. One of our main focuses is to take that fear away, because mainstream users are never going to use crypto if they’re afraid every time they send money.

How has been the roadmap progress so far and what are the key deliverables in the next 6 months?

Before taking on the big stuff, we needed to build a network and a community that runs it. We wanted a network and community not just of geeks and power-users, but also businesspeople, marketers, artists, and people a wide range of skills. When crypto is everywhere, we’ll have a much broader base of knowledgeable people who can make smarter decisions about Divi’s future through our governance system.

That’s why we started out by making it easier to set up masternodes. Our MOCCI stands for Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer, and we were the first to do it. It also served the purpose of being a technological demo to prove that our team can really deliver what we promise in our whitepaper. After we announced our intention to do it, many other groups tried to do a one-click masternode setup but failed. So now we’ve even got a few grandmas and grandpas with masternodes. I doubt any other cryptocurrency can make that claim.

Next will be our mobile wallet, with a start to adding other cryptos into it such as Bitcoin. Here we’ll be demonstrating the power of great user experience that can only be done in crypto because of additions to our blockchain. All those user-friendly features we’ve been talking about will start coming into play for both the desktop and mobile wallets.

What will drive demand for Divi coin?

We think that most cryptos are really junk. If they’re not scams then they have no use case. Or their teams really don’t have the right experience in everything needed to succeed. It’s not just coding that bring success, but the entire package of experience in business, marketing, PR, etc. Too many other cryptos have whitepapers that are too difficult to understand.

Our use case is easy and obvious. People want a better digital money that they can actually use around the world with low fees and fast transaction times. We think the current bear market works to our advantage. As other cryptos fall away, people will look for more solid projects. Our low market cap, stellar team, and high rate of return with our staking and masternodes, makes us very attractive to people who actually take the time to look closely. This is more of a near-term explanation.

Long term, we’re talking about mass adoption and trillions of dollars flowing into blockchain-based digital money. Demand will come because it’s simply superior to using cash or credit cards. We see hundreds of cryptos like Divi existing in the same market, most interchangeable through atomic swaps and DEXs. But the market is so big that even 1% is a trillion dollars.

Our job is just to make sure that we’re always at the edge of technological development and government regulation, so we’re a viable option. Organic growth will be huge because of our PR. We’ve already been interviewed on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange twice. On TechRepublic twice. At Nasdaq, etc. The mainstream news media is hungry for a usable solution and ready to give us lots more coverage when we’re ready.

What are the benefits of holding Divi Coins? 

I think many of our coin-holders see us as the next Dash, and they want to get in early before we’re really discovered. With 2000+ cryptos, we’ve mostly been ignored. Dash masternodes are far too expensive for most people.

We have five layers of nodes, with different values, making the lower tier very affordable to most people. Our first year rewards are very high, in the 80% range, so we’re very attractive when the market is going sideways. We’ve also already proven that there’s enough demand for DIVI even in this market that few people are selling their rewards on the market, which is a big problem for many masternode coins that have high rewards. We’re also attractive to people who have been through a manual masternode setup and never want to do it again.

Our one-click solution is also good for people who have friends and family without tech skills. We have people now setting up our masternodes for their wives, kids, or their next door neighbor. Staking rewards can be even better, depending on how you manage your stakes, and how many others are doing it. And of course our “lottery blocks” are exciting, with our once-per-week big payouts to a few people.

Would you like to add more information?

Right now our masternode cloud setup is even free. People can buy a copper node (100,000 DIVI) and set it up and try it for a while to see how easy it is. If you don’t like it, sell it after a month and you’ll already have a good profit. Eventually we’ll charge monthly for the MOCCI service, but for now, try it out while it’s free.

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