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Can you introduce yourself and your role on EvoEstate?

My name is Audrius Višniauskasand I‘m the co-founder of EvoEstate.

How does EvoEstate work?

EvoEstate is an aggregator for crowdfunding real estate deals, some people refer to us as the platform of all platforms. We provide investors with a possibility to invest over 15 platforms deal-flow without having the hassle of signing up to every each of them. On top of that, we provide an additional layer of due diligence and supply investors with state of the art auto-invest and the secondary market. Projects listed on EvoEstate consist of specific projects we believe in an invest our personal capital in from multiple other crowd-funding platforms. This allows for a smoother investing experience for our users.

What are the steps needed to invest and create a passive income?

  1. Sign up as an investor on EvoEstate.
  2. Activate your user account through email.
  3. Confirm your identity by sending us a copy of government-approved identification document.
  4. Transfer money to your EvoEstate virtual account.
  5. Choose a project you would like to invest in and start investing.
  6. All loan repayments and interest accrued are held on your EvoEstate account.

What are the advantages of investing through EvoEstate rather than individual loan originators?

The advantages are:

  • The option to invest in multiple platforms;
  • The minimum investment amount is €50 (some of the project originators ask for a minimum amount of €500 if investing directly through their platform).
  • All of the accounting is done in one platform
  • We perform due diligence on the platforms whose projects we list.
  • Secondary market. (Not every platform has it)
  • Most advanced auto-invest, where you can create multiple strategies and the best thing is that if you don’t like your auto investment you can cancel it in under 24 hours without any fees.
  • Does EvoEstate perform due diligence on the platforms and on the loans being offered?

We list all of the projects from our partners. We personally invest in some of them, therefore we do our own research on the projects and the project originators before investing. Consequently, we offer the option to auto-invest in the skin-in-the-game projects.

EvoEstate sources loans from other loan originators. Many of these loan originators have their own platforms on which they sell their loans directly. Who decides which loans are sold on EvoEstate vs loans sold on the loan originator’s platforms?

As mentioned previously, we list all our partners‘ projects on our own platform. With the help of our consultants, we invest in some of those listed projects and we mark them as skin-in-the-game projects on our website. It’s important to note that we offer more than just loans. We have plenty of equity projects, development loans and for more risk-averse investors buy to let projects.

There have been two major incidents which rocked the p2p real estate industry; the Lendy default and the PropertyMoose restructure. In a nutshell, how do you think the individual investor can protect himself from such shocks?

The main thing an investor can do to protect himself as much as possible is to diversify his portfolio geographically and by loan types. EvoEstate enables geographical diversification by offering projects from multiple countries. Also, it’s always important to understand the deal and understand the underlying risks. If we are talking about Lendy, the problem was that they were misleading investors about financial metrics. You can read our thoughts about it in this article.

What is the default rate and the late payment rate of the loans on EvoEstate?

The default rate is 0% and the late payment rate of the loans is 10%.

How does EvoEstate make money?

Because EVOEstate pools multiple investments and is able to provide larger amounts of funding than a retail investor, EVOEstate is able to negotiate a small percentage discount on the deals we invest in and we earn money from the difference. Our services for investors are completely free, investors would get exactly the same returns participating directly in those themselves on project originators platforms.

What can we expect from EvoEstate in the future?

We recently rolled out our secondary market which was previously not available to everyone. We plan on expanding this market and will offer more sophisticated deals, some of which are private.

Would you like to add more information?

We would like to thank all our customers for choosing us and believing in us. We plan on growing and being able to offer even more projects for our customers to choose from in the future.

For more information, you can visit: EvoEstate

We thank Audrius Višniauskasand  for the interview.


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