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How to earn passive income from facebook affiliate marketing

26th Nov 2018

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the term used for promoting products. To become an affiliate marketer, one needs to register on affiliate networks and find the best deals suited to them. Each member will get a special link, which has a unique code. This link when used to buy a product will notify the system as which affiliate marketer brought a new customer; the commission will then go to the affiliate marketers. The beauty of affiliate marketing is once you post a link it will remain to work of its own accord. All the income generated afterwards will be passive.

Here are some examples of affiliate marketing networks

Which offers to promote on Facebook to generate a passive stream of affiliate earnings?

Find offers which offer something both to yourself and to the buyer. For example, you get a 1% commission and the buyer gets a 5% discount. Find links which you can earn when the second refer also makes money. Avoid MLM like the plague

Test affiliate offerings. There are many different types of affiliate offers from courses to products and services. Test them, they all have potential, but they need to be applied to the right audience in the right way.

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A simple way to promote your affiliate Links

Promoting your links in the personal feed is the simplest way, is to post links on your wall which your friends can see. Be careful some friends might block you if you do this too often (or even once). Supporting friends might be willing to re-post your link. (If you ask them nicely)

Creating Facebook properties

Facebook property is free to create (for now).

Facebook groups and pages can be created for free. Facebook users can follow, join or post on groups or pages for free.

These facebook properties will not grow by themselves; they require marketing to become active and well frequented. The advantage here is that some groups are so active that they become self-sustainable.

As an admin, you tasks would be to keep the group inline, promote your groups and pages using Facebook ads. This will help them increase in size thus increasing your pool of clients. The admin of a group has the privilege to post anything including affiliate links. Doing so with caution will not alienate your community about your true intentions; i.e. that of “using” the group as your source of Facebook passive income. Pining your offers to the top of your page or group can increase your click-through rate.

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An advanced way of promoting affiliate links on Facebook

Instead of promoting links directly, one can create a webpage or blog add valuable content and within this content interlink affiliate links. Then post links to the pages with content rather than directly to the affiliate offers. The advantages are that such links are much less likely to get you banned than direct affiliate links.

Posting on other Facebook groups and pages.

People are on facebook more to be entertained rather than to buy stuff. So give them what they want. Inform and Entertain rather than sell. Create Viral posts which are difficult not to share, i.e. use click bait. Embed affiliate links within these viral posts. A bored puppy a jumping kitten or an original action video are all good candidates for posts which will be shared.

Use pictures in your posts, these increase the likelihood of click-throughs. Learn what is linkbait and use it your advantage.

Considering using with direct or indirect links, An indirect links a shortened link which you can change later. Services such as allow you to do this easily.

Some affiliate offers might deserve their own page, which explains the offer in more detail and prepares the potential buyer to be more likely to buy!

The secret ingredient to FB affiliate marketing: Trust

One important aspect of marketing is Trust. Your audience needs to trust you knowing that the offer you are promoting is first of all not a scam and secondly value for money. Establishing yourself as an authority in a specific niche, giving info for free in a free eBook for example and turning your readers into fans.

Being the voice of reason in group discussions and offering a balanced, unbiased opinion will help increase your visibility within the community you are trying to establish yourself in. This will give you clout amongst your readers.

Final Bonus tips

Affiliate marketing on Facebook works, but doing it too the wrong way might get you banned from some Facebook read their posting guidelines first. In any case, having a backup platform to market your affiliate links such as youtube is always good.

Sell low-cost products first, then as you become more prominent and a savvier marketed move to higher-end products, this will give a boost to your passive income.

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Create your own product and sell it, this will increase the amount of passive income you can generate because you will earn all the money and not only the commission. One product you can create with low upfront costs are eBooks.

Look beyond being just an affiliate marketer and becoming an influencer. Facebook influencers have marketing power because of the quality of people following them, they do generate passive income very easily because their marketing machine is fine-tuned and efficient. Big companies pay big bucks to Facebook influencers when they promote their products!


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