How to find a rich wife

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What is the definition of a rich wife?

A few years ago, the typical definition of a rich woman was: an old, white-haired woman in her mid-60’s.

She was ridiculously wealthy, not because she earned a ton of money, but because she has inherited the money.

She has an old butler, an old mansion, lots of property and a few houses all over the world so that she can travel around. Also, would have a harem of good-looking young man surrounding her and money is the solution for every problem.

That would be the case, but things have evolved, and these days being a rich woman is much more than that. Many fortunes still come from inheritance, old money.

There are also rich women who worked hard and struggled.

These two types of women are probably looking for different kinds of men.

A rich woman nowadays has no problems in showing off their lives, their affairs and some of them are still looking for the “one”.

Who knows maybe you can find out how to find your rich love by reading through the end of this article.

Options to find a rich wife online

Nowadays, one of the favourite ways of meeting people is on online dating websites. Use them with care.

Some of these websites have screening services. They check you out before they allow you to register. Get ready for that test.

Websites usually have a theme a relationship, a romantic night out, an escort for events or even for a casual relationship. Design your profile accordingly.

Remember that rich women also want to be loved for what they are, so make sure you are polite, sensitive and give them intelligent complements.

Where to find a rich woman in real life situations

If you want to meet them in person, you should go to places where this kind of women hangout.

Ultra Rich women love the finer things in life cars, wines, yachts, jewels, exotic holidays and luxurious and flashy cars. You can bump into one in a fancy car show or an auction for paintings.

You can approach them and ask for their opinion on a car, a painting. Compliment her on her good taste and offer her a coffee.

Rich women tend to have above-average IQ, so they are looking for value rather than to show off things.

Some tend not to show off their wealth, but it is difficult to hide your financial status when you work as a partner in a law firm or are a brain surgeon. You can also create opportunities for yourself by being in the right place at the right time.

Charity events are traditionally and by definition, some of the best places for meeting rich women. When you go look the part; sophisticated, elegant and charming. Read up on the organisation and the cause before you go. Be prepared! When you get there, engage and if you feel passion for the cause, show it.

Summer vacation is a time for romance. Exotic, hot and tropical places like Bali, Dubai or Brazil are places where all the lonely rich women visit to find peace. Here they expect to find  hot encounters that may lead to a long term, or short term, relationship.

So, take your chances and book a flight, travel light and show off those worked out muscles, maybe you get lucky!

If you are not into shopping, you may want to reconsider since it is a favourite activity for wealthy women. They travel abroad to shop at the most exotic and expensive stores, they fly to London for shoes, to Paris for high fashion clothes, to Hong Kong for high tech phones or jewellery! What can you do? Approach them and ask for help to chose a shirt or ask if that pair of trousers suits you nicely.

Must haves to find a rich wife

You must be confident, eloquent, smart, you must present yourself as a strong and determined man, you must cause an impression (a good and powerful one). It is important that you know how to keep a conversation and how to draw attention to yourself. There are many ways to learn these skills, start with YouTube.

You need to have enough money to at least make a first impression, by having the right clothes and be groomed in such a way as to catch their eye. Be frugal and save up in order to have the necessary funds to invest in this venture. You will need to buy clothes, read business books and potentially even taking dating and relationship classes to improve your chances.

Your income might be minimal or average, then do not pretend to be a rich man, just be yourself and do not lie about who you are. However you must balance your low income by being an excellent above average companion. Your mission here is to help the rich woman grow and flourish. If you are reading this because you are inspired to become a gold digger, then move on this is a very short term vision.

You do not need to reveal your financial status and all the secrets immediately, so avoid talking about things like money, social status, income, act like yourself and don’t try to copy anyone else, be true but be confident and charming. Don’t try to come across as a wealthy man, however, make sure that you can meet the basic needs: pay for a dinner at a fancy restaurant, pay for the tickets for a theatre or an opera. If you cannot meet this requirement, you have to trust your seduction abilities and pull out the big seduction guns!

Be creative, be charming, be surprising, be poetic! Take her by surprise and go the extra mile to blow her mind and light her desire, …make her feel drawn to you!

Remember that even though they are rich, they are women and all women like to be treated with respect! So be charming, be audacious but be respectful. Act like a gentleman; she will let you know when she is ready for you to be wilder. Give them surprise experiences, keep them on their toes, do not be predictable in how you show your affection, but adjust to their tastes.

What to look for

Usually women marry up, so embrace a lady who is younger than you. Women age fast due to child-bearing (what may not even be an option) so you should consider choosing someone who looks good for a while and someone who you can grow older with. Older woman may be more stimulant, more audacious but probably they will get tired of you easier.

Most women who have a career are concerned about settling down and they are often reluctant as far as having a family goes because they put their careers ahead of everything. A woman focused on a career is not willing to cook for the family or taking care of you so you choose to take your chances on a career rich woman be sure that you earn more than her.

Don’t go chasing rich party girls that goes out every night and party hard. Don’t waste time investing on party girls who like to drink too much, to use drugs or that stay out late every single day.

Don’t go for a girl who dates a lot and who has sex with everyone, remember that you are looking for a wife not for a hooker to stay indoors, no matter how rich she is.

Be aware of a woman who keeps talking about her divorce and past relationship, it may mean that she is not free to open her heart, yet. Also be aware of woman who refer to divorce as a way to solve problems… run for your life and go find yourself another woman!

Choose a woman who as a family background, someone who understands the concept, someone who has family and is willing to include in it. Someone who does not have a solid family reference may be too needy and unstable.

Keep in mind that you are looking for a wife, someone to share a life with so make sure she sees you for what you are. Make sure she bright up every time she lay eyes on you and that you light up at her every smile. Build a connection and work on it!

Look for someone who can relate to you, be honest and true to yourself. Make your way into her world but be sure that she is willing to accept yours too.

How to impress a rich woman

Once you find a rich woman meet her level but do not go over it. She knows you are broke so make sure she enjoys the food she is eating, she feels comfortable at the places you take her, that she does not feel ashamed of being seen with you. Make your best to make her feel comfortable and safe around you.

Never be ashamed of who you are or of where you come from, so be true and do not be fake. This may be rather stimulant since you are able to show her a world she does not know and provide her experiences she never thought of having. Take her out of her element, may her rely and trust you, make her follow into her arms.

Show her how hardworking you are, how honest you are, how passionate you are, and how sexy your hardworking abs can be. Show her how efficient you are with your money and how happy you can make her feel with the little you have. Your example may be inspiring to her; it may teach her that sometimes less is more and make her feel closer to you. They may not assume it, but rich girls love broken middle-class guys who are hard working.

Keep your feet on the ground, keep honest, stay true and be who you are, do not pretend to be someone you are not. Seduce her and make her feel fascinated by your will power. Be neat and clean, wear a nice cologne or aftershave, dress nice and avoid looking like a bad boy, do not try to be extra cool or you will look ridiculous!
Keep in touch. Don’t give up if she says no to your first approach. Find creative ways how to get her attention.

Don’t put it all out at once, give her motives to wonder, instigate her desire and her senses, make her want you!

Do not be abusive or invasive. Let yourself in her space slowly and smoothly, bring her walls down and then make her miss you.

How to keep a rich woman

If you want to keep a rich woman you have to keep her interested. When the times comes show her all your attributes, make her want you and miss you.

Keep her on her toes, don’t give all in and don’t cut down the efforts once you have her. She needs to feel that you can go whenever you want, that you do not belong to her, that you are more than a pair of shoes or an expensive dress.

Amaze her with the simple things in life that you can offer and that she never experienced. Show her the happiness of little things, the comfort of a hug, the romance of a walk on the beach, the excitement of a hot loving kiss, the pleasure of love making.

Make her feel that you need her without being needy.

Don’t make her feel used. Be kind, be charming, be loving, treat her as an equal, show her love and affection but don’t be too independent because they like to feel needed.

Be proud of showing her off, nor as a trophy wife but as the woman of your life.

Build the relationship from the ground up and do it together overcome all major obstacles.

Make a statement, put your foot down,  be the man!

Happy stories

Ever hear of Ari Gold? Well he is a Hollywood super-agent who worked hard for his money who married a wealthy woman (who has a huge inheritance from her father) who financed his company.

In Spain the fabulously wealthy 85-year-old Duchess of Alba has married a civil servant 24 years her junior in a story of love and riches that has amazed not only the nation but the world.

Princess Ayako (from Japan) , the youngest daughter of Emperor Akihito’s cousin, has married Kei Moriya, a simple and modest shipping firm employee, because of that the 28-year-old becomes the latest female royal to leave the Imperial Household under a Japanese law that strips women of their royal status if they marry a commoner.

The heir to the throne of Sweden, Princess Victoria, married her former personal trainer, the gym owner Daniel Westling in 2010 and are still together.


Marrying a nice charming rich woman is great. It can give you access to money, power and business opportunities. It is important to build yourself up quickly, by bringing value to the relationship.

Learn as much as you can in the business your new wife is in, become a person of trust not only for her but for her family. If there is a family business, do not jump in head first, take the long view, get a job with similar firms to make mistakes with the other companies first. Then when you feel confident, start working in the family business.

Getting some kind of cash allowance is key for security, even if everything is paid for. In case of troubles, the last thing you want is to end up at the doorstep with nothing.

Buddy up to rich and powerful people through her, you do this to both learn and get access to unique opportunities. Use these opportunities to build your own personal wealth.

Finding a rich wife is the easiest way to financial freedom, it is also the riskiest. Once in you need to quickly focus on building your value through habits, investments and businesses deals.

Silver Lining

Marrying a rich woman, is a decision that will have an impact for the rest of your life, doing this only for the money is a recipe for disaster. You might think that a rich partner could be a short cut to financial freedom, that instead of building a passive income asset portfolio, she can save you a lot of work. This attitude will be detected by rich women; they have a nose for gold diggers, so lose it and make yourself a genuine catch.

Rich women have much more than money to offer – personality, passion, love and companionship.

If those things can happen in royal families, so attached to tradition, there is still hope for common people. So, do your best: find a rich woman, marry her, hold on and live happily ever after!

Not investment or financial advice. This is not an endorsement or recommendation to buy, sell or hold.  The staff of this site may own the asset/s mentioned on this page. Investing is risky and you may lose all your capital. Do your own research. See full disclaimer.

We receive no direct payments from the mentioned companies. Some links on this page are affiliate links, at no extra cost to you, we may receive commissions when you use them. However, we try our best to keep our articles fair and balanced.


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