KuCoin review 2019 – passive income from trader fees

01st Jan 2019

KuCoin Overview

Kucoin Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange; this is a website where different cryptocurrencies are exchanged between each other. The alternative to using an exchange would be to exchange cryptos directly with other people. Direct exchange is possible on Bisq and Local Bitcoins however Ku Coin is far easier to the user, faster and more efficient.

It can execute more than 2 million transactions per second, deposits into the platform completed within 2 minutes and withdrawal within 10 minutes.

KCS Token

KuCoin has its own token called the KCS, it is an ERC 20 token. There are 200 million KCS tokens in circulation, of these 100 million are owned by the management team. These locked tokens can be fully unlocked by November 2021.

KuCoin vs the other exchanges.

Kucoin has been the first of a different genre of cryptocurrency exchanges, user-friendly, strong security and sharing of revenues. Today there are 100s of exchange each fighting for a share of the market. Learn more: Making passive income from Cryptocurrencies. According to Coinmarketcap the most traded pairs on KuCoin are

  • ETH/USDT  11.51%
  • ETH/BTC 9.80%
  • BTC/USDT 8.93%

KuCoin’s team has experience in managing large projects; not all cryptocurrencies benefit from such an experienced team. The team has a focus on both marketing and R&D. These two facets of the exchange are what brings in more users and more liquidity. These two are the ingredients of success of any exchange. KuCoin has more than 2 million users.

Geographical arbitrage is ripe amongst crypto exchanges. Since this is still an emerging industry, many countries are implementing attractive legislation to attract these exchanges to their jurisdiction. Malta, Switzerland, Cyprus and Gibraltar are some of the fast-moving countries in this space. Bittrex and Binance have moved to Malta.

Other exchanges bases in the USA or who accept USA citizens have the SEC to contend with. KuCoin is based in Hong Kong, a country with deep economic and political ties with China, a country which has not accepted the crypto revolution with open arms. There are many other exchanges which offer similar systems of passive income; these include Coss, Birake, Trade and Exscudo. There are many other exchanges that can generate a passive income.

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KuCoin Fees

A trading Fee of 0.1% is charged on all trades. Using the KCS token to pay for fees activates Important discounts. There are no fees to deposit coins, but there are withdrawal fees.

Earning a passive income on KuCoin

The KCS token holders are entitled to 30% of the trading fees on the platform. Also, KuCoin will buy back 100 million tokens with a part of their quarterly net profits. KuCoin allows investors to generate a passive income; traders are using KuCoin 24/7, paying fees with each trade. KuCoin holders earn a passive income on each trade that occurs on KuCoin.

KuCoin trading fee sharing with KCS token holders

KuCoin as a side hustle

Another form of passive income is through referral links. Any trader referred to KuCoin through a referral link will earn 40% of the trading fees that that trader will pay. This incentives people to write about KuCoin and market it in the hope to earn a sliver of referral income from KuCoin.

The referral systems have three layers of passive income potential; 20%, 12% and 8%. This is best explained with the image below.

Read more on this directly from the KuCoin’s website.

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KuCoin room for improvement.

KuCoin is not a FIAT gateway, meaning traders cannot send Dollars, Sterling or Hong Kong dollars to the exchange. This is partially mitigated but the listing of several stable coins, whose objective is to mirror the value of FIAT currency. While stable coins have risks, they are the next best thing to actual FIAT.

During the Crypto Bull Market, KuCoin had to close its doors for new account holders, it makes sense to create an account today if you think you will need it in the next bull!

Learn more: The risks of Decentralized crypto exchanges.


KuCoin is an interesting asset to make passive income. However, there a new crypto exchange being launched every week. This stream of continuous competition can eat at KuCoins market share. In this case, this drives profit margins lower, which generates less revenue for KuCOin and less passive income. At some point, the margins will simply become too thin. Usually, there tends to be consolidation in such an environment. There is no guarantee on the passive income structure if KuCoin is bought by a bigger exchange. On the other hand, if KuCoin is the one doing the buying of other exchanges. Learn more about Crypto Tokens that can generate ddividends

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Author: Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds is passionate about finance, passive income and cryptocurrencies. He writes about his passions on NodesOfValue.com. He has worked in the tech and financial industry for a few decades. He holds a masters in business admin and a bachelors in IT. All his writings are not investment advice.

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