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Crypto Passive Income News – January 2019

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General news from the passive income world.

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Side Hustle Crypto Income


Staking Tokens in EOS

  • Parsl an EOS token is doing monthly airdrops. However, registration on Parsl Reward is needed beforehand.
  • eDNA:  A Blockchain-Bio Tech company. Withdrawals need to take place weekly, via the claim button on the platform.
  • HireVibes: By holding and staking HVT, you can earn daily rewards made from hiring fees. IMPORTANT: HireVibes token needs to be moved to another wallet to be claimed.

Revenue generating coins

  • Important Restart Energy update
  • InnovaMinex is a blockchain platform that tracks the precious journey metals from their origin to the customers. 25% of the quarterly profit of InnovaMinex will get distributed among INX token holders
  • Sia in December 2018 – Draco, Advent of Code, Art Contest
  • MasterFlip game for TFL token holders is taking place on the 31/01/19
  • NeonExchange  is a new breed of exchange. Their native token Nash will entitle the holder for a share of the profits and fees. See Nash Presentation

CryptoCurrency interest




  • Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, announced that all Tron holders will receive BitTorrent tokens (BTT) in an airdrop.
  • SlamGames have an Airdrop on EOS
  • BosCore: 100 million will be used to do eco-airdrop 50 million directly airdropped to EOS mainnet accounts and 50 million will be airdropped based on the transaction volumes of DApps.
  • 0Byte (Formerly ByteBall) is having a weekly airdrop. To get started simply scan this QR code from your 0byte Wallet.
  • Patreos: Airdropping 1,600,000,000 PATR tokens to EOS voters. Whitepaper

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