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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. I am not paid directly to write this article about Nash from Nash or others. My understanding is that if you use the link below I get a ticket to a lottery. I also discuss Nash’s competition in this article. While this article is published;  I may hold Nash and other competing coins mentioned in this article. I do not short any coins mentioned in this article. What this means is that I may have a bias towards Nash and also towards Nash’s competition in the writing of this article. There is no guarantee that the information below is accurate. Do not trust whatever you read on the internet. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

If you are looking for a Nash Code to register you can use 29YjGa

What is Nash?

Nash is a decentralized exchange, what this means is that you can trade tokens without holding the tokens on the exchange. Not your keys not your tokens philosophy is upheld. Nash was originally was called the Neon Exchange (NEX) but now it has now rebranded to Nash. The name Nash is connected to the John Nash, the mathematician, who created the nash equilibrium, a fundamental piece of understanding financial markets.

Nash collected 21 million USD during their ICO. 50 million Nash tokens are in circulation – 25 million of which are held by the partners and team.

Nash has been created on the NEO blockchain, but the project has emphasised that they are not dependent on NEO, there are other “scripting protocols” integrated in Nash such as ETH and BTC.

The Nash token is registered security by the Liechtenstein  Financial Market Authority (FMA). The token will entitle the holder to a share of the exchange’s profits. Learn more:

Components of the Nash Ecosystem

  1. Nash Exchange
  2. Nash mobile wallet: This is a full crypto wallet, not just a web application
  3. Nash Extension: A browser-based wallet
  4. Nash Payment: Enabling commercial crypto payments
  5. Margin Trading is in the roadmap.

Register on Nash

How to Register on Nash?

Setting up an account on Nash is straight forward. I would suggest to set up 2FA using Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, or Authy. To do this you need to install an app on your phone, then link it to Nash. This creates a 2nd dynamic password when logging in to Nash.

To register on Nash you can click here.

The advantages of Nash DEX

The ICO was conducted to deter whales (large holders) from accumulating Nash token. This means that there are fewer singular people who can manipulate the Nash price. However, coordinated groups can target any coin, through sell walls etc.

Holders of Nash token will go out of their way to trade on the Nash DEX, potentially giving Nash an available user base.

There are several important investors in the project such as Connect Capital,FATHOM Labs, ARIA, BADWATER Capital, KR1, NEO Global Capital, FLYBRIDGE Capital. This gives the Nash team and project credibility.

Being a DEX Nash does not have the custodianship risk. Binance, one of the largest centralized exchanges has also recently launched their own DEX.

Nash will allow fiat on-ramp and off-ramp, I am not aware of any other DEXs who have this.

In the future, they plan to support users based in the US.

Nash is being built by a strong team of 5 founder developers, one of whom is Fabio Canesin. This group was part of the City of Zion(CoZ); CoZ a  group of elite open software developers,  connected with NEO.

Nash will operate across several blockchains. Trades will be  performed off-chain, this will not limit the speed of Nash to anyone blockchain.

Nash smart contracts have been audited.

Nash will launch with an important array of trading currency pairs, unfortunately, BTC is not one of them.


Nash will also add BTC trading according to a tweet from Ethan Fast.

It seems they have 4 years of cash to maintain their operations and have significant savings in crypto.

Nash is focusing on ease of custodianship and increased account security.

More gold nuggets can be found in their Q4 2018 report.

Nash has started beta testing in March.

Register on Nash

Things to consider on Nash Exchange

The date of release for Nash 23rd April has been missed, a testament to a commitment to quality.

DEXs have a reputation of being more complex to use, which may hold back people from using it.

DEXs have scalability issues, which may result in the system being slow.

This is not the first revenue-sharing exchange out there, there are a number of them including IDEX, KuCoin, Exscudo, Bi Box, Coss, Binance and Liquid and many others. Nash is new, it does not have a history and will need to compete with many heavyweights. Their current market cap rank is 65  while Kucoin is 44. Nash’s market cap  is based on a product but on assumed market share which does not yet exist.

Weak Affiliate system: Nash does not pay affiliates anything directly. There is no guarantee that affiliates will get any payment for their work done. All affiliates get is lottery tickets, rather than getting paid on the performance. At this time there is no way to track the number of tickets, and the setup of the lottery has not been announced, how will the random number be generated? The lottery will take place on Dec 26th 2019.

This is the table of prizes.

  1. 1st place $35,000 BTC + 15,000 (NEX)
  2. 2nd place $20,000 BTC + 10,000 (NEX)
  3. 3rd place $10,000 BTC + 5,000 (NEX)
  4. 4th place $5,000 BTC + 1,000 (NEX)
  5. And 30 prizes of $1,000 + 500 (NEX)

Only 24 affiliates will be paid something in the end!

Limited trading pairs, crypto investors today need choice. An investor would like to sell their Dash for ETH, then hold it for a few days and then sell it for ATOM a few days letter. Investors do not like to keep moving coins across exchanges because of the withdrawal fees.

It has been more than a week now when sign-up is clicked this message appears”Nash is down for maintenance”. There is no explanation as to how, why or when the service will go back online. There is no page to capture potential clients and email them once the system is back online. Maybe the devs are so focused on getting the exchange online and this little detail was missed. It could also be evidence of a lack of strategic thinking. As of 13/09 this has been resolved.

Exchange fees. Nash will charge 0.25%. This is not the cheapest of fees and for crypto day traders fees are very important. My understanding is that IDEX, Poloniex, KuCoin, Bibox , Binance , Bitfinex and  Bitsane have lower trading fees. Centralized exchanges have withdrawal fees, while probably Nash will not have any.  See Also: Exchange Review.

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Passive Income from Nash.

Nash tokens create a passive income, through a share of the revenue from the exchange fees. In addition, the passive income being generated is not through inflation like in many other coins but through real economic activity.

To earn a passive income the tokens need to be staked on the Nash platform. This works similarly to Nexo.  The higher the staking time on Nash the higher the share of entitlement form the fees. It is possible to stake from one month to 24 months.

The longer you stake the higher your percentage share of dividends. if you stake only for one month you get 25% if you stake for two years you get 75%. Dividends are paid monthly.

The passive income investor can choose in which crypto assets his dividends are paid. If you choose to get paid in Nash you can make compound interest.

You can learn more about staking here.

Register on Nash

What are other tokens similar to Nash?

Exscudo Exchange. All of the Exscudo transactions are written on the EON blockchain. There is no fee profit share either with the exchange, and it seems there isn’t either with the credit card they recently issued. However,  the Exscudo masternodes which charge a storage fee, but, this has not been profitable, however, there was an announcement that EON will enable staking at 15%

Kucoin. Is a centralized exchange which shares its revenue on a daily basis. share their profits from their trading pool. Is another centralized revenue-sharing exchange, recently merged with LALA token. Token holders receive 50% of all trading fees generated by the exchange, distributed through a DAO.

Register on Nash

Learn more:

Nash links:

Nash Whitepaper
Ethan Fast
Fabio Canesin
Clare Saunders

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