Passive Income with EOS Staking, Dividends, AirDrops and AirGrabs.

25th Jan 2019

EOS is the best in class decentralized crypto platform on which dApps (Decentralized Apps) can be built. It is still very new, however, it topping the rankings in both the number of transactions, number of users and number of dApps when compared to other platforms like Ethereum, Tron and Crown. EOS has several subsystems which have the potential to generate crypto passive income.

Chintai – Lending EOS

EOS token holders can lend and borrow EOS tokens for a fee. The lending periods are 2, 14 and 21 day lending periods. When lending on Chintai, the investor creates a passive income but he also firefights his rights to vote and to receive airdrops. Chintai is using the staked tokens to vote on BP producers they choose.

Bitfinex EOS Lending interest

EOS tokens can be lent on Bitfinex, doing so via automates the process. The risks of lending on Bitfinex are probably somewhat higher than when lending on Chintai. My understanding is that Chintai is a smart contract so there is minimal human intervention in the system. Bitfinex on the other hand probably has a more human intervention which increases the attack surface. Smart contracts have been known to break and lock all the coins within them. Example

Rex – Lending EOS, RAM trading FEES

EOS token holders that vote for 21 BPs can lend their tokens to the REX system. The Rex system will lend the tokens to those who require more CPU power, and the earned interest paid to the lender. The Rex will also be supplanted with RAM and EOS name trading. The one disadvantage of REX is that lending rates on CHinati will almost certainly go down. Not good news for the passive income investor. This happens because there are only a few lenders on Chinati, but there will be many more on the Rex system. See Also: Dan Larimer explains the mechanics of the Rex.

Trybe – Publish and get paid

Trybe is a platform similar to Steemit. There are two ways to make passive income on Trybe, the first is to write articles and then get tips. Write an article once but then keep getting tips — the second os that Trybe tokens will receive airdrops of more Trybe tokens.

Edna – Passive income from your DNA

Edna is a platform on which people can make a passive income from their own DNA.  EDNA rewards need to be claimed on a weekly basis.

GeneOS – Passive income from your DNA

This platform is similar to EDNA, researchers will buy genetic data and the proceeds are shared with all token holders.
HorusPay – Staking

Horus Pay is a decentralized platform that facilitates global payroll systems. It is possible to stake Hour spay on EOS toolkit. Horus tokens when staked generate ECash.

Karma – Staking

Karma is earned when performing good acts when Karma is staked more Karma is earned.

PARSL – RewardDrop

Parsl is a platform that will facilitate the cannabis industry. Parsl ecosystem as both a stable and a SEED token. The SEED token will be used for access to the platform. SEED inflate at 5% a year.

Parsl will rewardDrop tokens in each EOS account based on the average monthly holdings. These monthly holdings will be calculated by taking a random weekly snapshot. The top 25% accounts and top 5% account holders will get an extra bonus.

In order to be eligible for the reward drop registration is necessary.

Pix EOS – Art

PixEOS is an economically sustainable art based platform which will all the creation of shared art; the concept is based on both betting games and Pixel Master

Betting platform Dividends

Betting platforms are sprouting like crazy on the EOS platform. The speed of the platform and the available user base to test new applications make it for an ideal platform for this startup dApps. There are a few dangers though, most of them are not regulated, the competition is copying each other’s features and there is no clear winner. There will be a wipeout at some point

The passive income from betting platforms comes in three ways,

  • Mining the platform token by betting, which is not passive income and is very risky
  • Staking the platform tokens and claiming a share of the dividends
  • Referring others to the gambling platforms.

The tokenomics of betting platforms tend to inflate increasing the number of tokens and reducing the total claim each one has on the profits. In addition, the source code of the betting platform is open source so there is continuous competition being created. Gambling Licenses are another issue, there are only one or two platforms which have it and this tends to be from the Cook Islands.

Everpedia IQ – Staking

Everpedia is an incentivised version of Wikipedia. The ecosystem has two tokens IQ and Brain. IQ tokens are staked on the EVerepeida platform to generate Brain tokens. Brain tokens are non-tradable coins and can only be used to make changes on Everpedia.

BOID – Social Computer

Boid is a social decentralized computer, created by sharing the unused CPU power of personal computers. This power is used for social projects which need to crunch data for research.

PRSearch – Search and Earn

Presearch is a search engine which generates a token passive income each time it is used. PRE tokens are generated. The difference between PSearch and Google is decentralization,. Transparency in algorithmic ranking and sharing of the rewards between all participants in the ecosystem.


EOS AIRGrabs can be found on the EOS Toolkit, claiming them will consume your own precious EOS RAM.


Project airdrop tokens to EOS accounts based on their own criteria. Usually, a snapshot is taken of all EOS accounts and then an airdrop is done based on the balances of that snapshot.


There are a number of ways to make a passive income on EOS, some systems are more passive than others. Claiming the passive income involves interacting with the platform, such activities take time both to understand and perform. Micro-investments in these platforms might generate only micro amounts of passive income, it is probably more interesting to pick a few good platforms with the potential for passive income rather than spreading your investments too thin.

See also: 22 Cryptos that generate passive income and Passive Income from staking Cryptos

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Author: Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds. Is passionate about finance, passive income and cryptocurrencies. He writes about his passions on He has worked in the tech and financial industry for a few decades. He holds a masters in business admin and a bachelors in IT. All his writings are not investment advice.

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