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Passive income for the next 50 months with the Odyssey Protocol

02nd Oct 2018

At this time investors can earn passive income from the Odyssey Protocol by having:

An Ethereum account holding on average 5,000 worth of $OCN in a month,
Then registering this wallet on the Odyssey site.
In return, investors will receive a passive income in the form of $OCP tokens. The amount is calculated as a share from the 200,000,000 $OCP tokens allocated every month for this airdrop.

Odyssey creating a platform focused on the decentralised economy. Imagine if Airbnb, Uber and Lyft could share their databases. This would create synergies, reduce costs and make things cheaper for the end user.

The Key advantages are :

  • Stickiness for the users
  • Shared rankings and profiles
  • User friendliness
  • One login to access various services
  • Easy accounting

Odyssey have weekly updates here:
Visit the Odyssey site for more info.

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