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06th Apr 2018


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Interview with Tyler Manger, marketing manager of PentaCore fund.

Can you introduce yourself and your role in PentaCore Fund?

My name is Robert Karpel and serve as the Chief Operating Officer for PentaCore. For the past 10 months I have been leading the daily operations for our team of about 15 individuals. My job is to insure each department has clear direction, action items, timelines and a strong team that can execute.

What is the team structure?

The company is led by myself and James Nitze our other Co-Founder. We currently have 4 people on our technology team, 4 on our fund management team, 1 program/project manager, 3 writers, 1 hedgefund & securities lawyer, 1 blockchain/crypto lawyer, 1 legal/regulatory recent law grad, 4 marketing, 2 advisors, media partners, and I am probably forgetting people.

What is the experience of the team in the crypto space?

Our team as a whole has a wide range of crypto knowledge. We have an individual that has been a developer for 30 years and a masters degree in Cryptography, a few people that have been in the space for a 2+ years, myself and my partner have been engaged in crypto for about a year and a half now and we also have marketing guys and gals that are a few months in. Everyone is learning and getting stronger by the day. Having the ability to match up our strong financial team members with our strongest crypto team members has been extremely valuable. At the end of the day we are a financial company investing in crypto-assets. We are utilizing the blockchain to tokenize ownership in the fund and truly believe we are doing it in the most efficient investor friendly way that a lot of investors have been waiting for.

Do you have links to videos of team members discussing the fund?

My entire life is “the fund” and my apple airpods have essentially become extensions of my ears. We use Uber Conference every single day and have received numerous emails from them saying we are using an extraordinary amount of minutes and that they will have to cancel our subscription in accordance to their fair use policy because we are talking too much haha. To answer your question though we will be posting a few videos of the team prior to our token sale start date.

What are the fees to investors post ICO?

As noted in our documents PentaCore will not be taking any tokens and 100 percent of them will be issued to investors. The fees to investors are very similar to traditional asset class funds and operate in a 2/20 split. Meaning our management fee that we take each year is 2 percent and our percentage of profits generated share is 20 percent. Most funds are operating at a 2.5 25 or 3/30 structure so we are confident our investors will be happy about that.

What is the total number of tokens that will be issued, is PentaCore Fund a closed cap fund?

PentaCore will mint a maximum of 50 million tokens during the initial token sale and any unsold tokens will be sold during additional offerings that will take place in the future. Our smart contract will have the ability to mint new tokens at the price determined by the NAV of the fund. I don’t want to dive in too deep, yet that is the general summary. 50 million hard cap during initial token sale. Our offering document will explain in more detail and our smart contract will be available on GitHub prior to the start date.

At what price where the tokens at private presale sold for?

There have been no tokens sold during a private presale and will be no public presale.

We have raised capital by selling equity in our management company which will be the recipient of all revenues generated by PentaFund (management fee + performance fee). Everyone is coming into a new fund with equal opportunity and no astronomical bonus deals offered behind the scenes like we have seen with other projects. Full transparency is what we strive for and the launch of PentaFund will allow the rest of the world to see that.

Post ICO how will PentaCore communicate with investors?

We will offer many avenues to communicate with our investors such as our newsletters, monthly Q&A sessions, and social media accounts. PentaCore has already begun planning for the future with the development of PentaView, a “Reddit” like posting forum where our fund management team can interact with our investors directly. This future addition to our investor dashboard will include educational material such as blockchain & cryptocurrency courses among other things.

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