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Sharpe Capital Summary and Warnings

Sharpe Capital is a cryptocurrency sentiment platform it is not a fund as such.

There is a Sharpe fund, but there is no relation between the SHP token and the fund like in other funds such as Borgias Capital, Astronaut Capital and SIFT. The information on which the trades are based are sourced from three pools of information:

  • SHP token holders register their sentiment on 500 stocks and 100 blockchain projects.
  • Linguistic analysis of internet content
  • AI

Sharpe has similarities to Wings. , where you get to predict the value of a coin, the difference with wings is that you receive

Sharpe capital does not give out a dividend, they give out a payment for work token holders do. This work consists of guessing the direction of 500 stocks and 100 blockchain projects which are listed on their platform.

Sentiment Payment Reports

January 2018 Report:
February Report:

Sharpe Capital Analysis and Review


  • Payment in tokens when token holders make the right predictions/guesses.
  • There is no loss of coins when the guesses are wrong.
  • The SHP token has been implemented in the Bancor network which increases liquidity.
  • Token holders can propose motions
  • There is a whole system of reputation which makes those with higher prediction skills earn more money.
  • Think of each prediction like a free lottery ticket, the ones you get right you get paid for and the incorrect ones will only cost you a few clicks nothing else.


  • Guessing the direction of the crypto market is extremely difficult in fact there are only very few who can interpret the market trade profitably consistently over a long period. I find it unlikely to see people with this unique skill set using it on Sharpe Capital. Why give away your hard work for sentiment fees, when you can day trade and take all. The other side of the argument is that predicting on Sharpe is risk-free and fun. This more like buying a one-time lottery ticket and then using it as many times as you want.
  • I wonder on what basis the sentiment registration is done by the individual token holders, gut feeling, analytical research, or wild guesses.
  • Token holders do not have a claim on the Sharpe fund whatsoever; the fund is owned by Sharpe capital.



Sharpe capital announcements channel:

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