SXDT The future king of passive income crypto tokens?

21st Apr 2019


SXDT is a native token for the platform. It allows SXDT holders to earn passive income by staking it on the Spectre platform. allows users to perform a multitude of financial trading

  • Smart Options: Are similar to binary options but they are focused on cryptocurrencies
  • ULC-CFD: Similar to smart options, the key difference is that the bets do not have a time limit.
  • Fiat Contract: FIAT based trading

Potential Passive Income from Spectre

SXDT is a passive income coin which is based on profits, rather than inflation. This is important because the income is real and does not dilute the value of the SXDT coins. This is the polar opposite of crypto passive income from masternodes, this income is generated out of thin air, through inflation. (Learn more: What is a masternode?SXDT token holders are entitled to a share of the profits, there are rumors that SXUT tokens (The utility token of could be staked and can make the dividend income larger.

In the image above you can see some estimates on how Spectre passive income could potentially develop in the future. The blue box has the Spectre tokenomics, which include the total number of tokens in circulation. In the three columns in the orange box, there are the figures based on owning 10k, 50k and 100k Spectre and the potential dividends.

The green box is the amount of dividends increase needed compared to the week of April 8th 2019.

Some numbers are very extravagant as predictions, below are seven reasons why Spectre has a shot at being the crown jewel of the crypto passive income investor.

The special annual dividend is not included in the above guesstimates.

1. Full Fiat Integration: traders have USD as their base currency, their primary objective is to make profits in USD. Dealing with the price fluctuations of crypto is a hindrance to these traders because their bottom line is constantly shifting as the price of Cryptos in USD keeps changing. 

Traders could make a profit in USD terms but because their base currency has shifted their profits could turn into a loss.  Without fiat integration Spectre is at a disadvantage to other similar platforms, when fiat integration is live, traders can be more easily on-boarded into the platform. Increasing the potential passive income to SXDT holders.

2. Betverse:

Betverse is a gaming system which allows people to bet on games. There are two types of integrations, the first is games which are developed specifically for the platform and the second is integrations with popular titles such as Fortnite. What Betverse does is it allows gamers to be able to make bets based on their gaming skills, where they are essentially betting on their gaming skills.

Their vision of being able to integrate with popular video games is unique in nature and can create a signification competitive advantage for SXDT is to integrate with games having a larger audience such as Fortnight etc .. Gamers can bet on the outcome of the games. This opens up another revenue stream for SXDT token holders.

Spectre Exchange:

Spectre is building a decentralized exchange and a portion of the fees to go to SXDT holders.

Phantasm (sports betting partner of Spectre):

Phantasm will be using the smart contracts of Spectre to assure a fraud-free betting experience. More bets mean more fees which assure cash flow for the management of Spectre and more passive income for SXDT token holders.

White Labels:

Spectre will sell lease out their platform to third parties who would re-brand the product and market it. This will increase volume in general and more volume means more fees to the platform, these will convert directly into yet more SXDT payouts.

New business development employee training (starting in July):

A new employee has been hired. It seems that this new person has a lot of experience in business development. Which will increase the number of partnerships between Spectre and other organisations that will increase the profitability of Spectre.


Spectre did a slow launch without any major marketing effort. The marketing strategy will potentially kick off when some of the above factors are live. This will give them a stronger marketing punch.


There are many crypto passive income tokens out there. Those that create income through inflation are ironically devaluing the capital with each income payout they produce. Masternodes deliver all income through inflation. Passive income tokens that deliver income through economic achievement have a better value proposition because their economic value is determined by true numbers rather than by market sentiment. Kucoin is another similar coin which generates passive income through real economic activity.

Crypto passive income from Spectre can be one part of your crypto passive income strategy. Other tools can include Crypto Mining, Crypto Lending and Masternodes can be a key element in your passive income strategy. Together with other passive income sources such as p2p lending, dividends, side hustles you can be well on your way to obtaining financial freedom.


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