Tezos mining with Happy Tezos.

Tezos is one of the most decetnralized smart contract platfroms. In this interview, Andrew Paulicek explains how his service Happy Tezos can help Tezos holder to mine Tezos.

What can you tell us about Andrew Paulicek?

I have been working in IT professionaly for more than 10 years from which 7 years with my current team.
We have mostly worked on large scale enterprise applications.

We are running Happy Tezos – one of the top Tezos Delegation Services orderded by amount delegated.
At the moment we have over 6.7 million XTZ with room for an additional 2.6 million XTZ.

Why have you chosen to become involved in Tezos rather than other platforms?
(Can you explain what advantages does Tezos have over other platforms EOS, ETH, Tron etc.)

Tezos is truly decentralized compared to a limited number of validating nodes on EOS and Tron.
Currently, there are 110 public bakers (delegation services) (https://mytezosbaker.com/).
Together with another 300 solo bakers, this means that Tezos blockchain is now running on 400 decentralized bakers.

Why have you decided to become a Tezos Baker?
We believe that Proof of Stake is a vast impromevent compared to Proof of Work. As software developers, we also looked at the code base and really liked what we saw seen there. The quality of the codebase coupled with having multiple diverse development teams on several continents is amazing.
We are very much looking forward to seeing on-chain governance working on Tezos.

What is the difference between a Baker, a Delegate and an Endorser?
Baker – also known as delegates or validators. Entities with a minimum allocated amount of XTZ (currently 10 000 XTZ). Baker can be either solo-baking or providing public service for a fee (Delegation Service).
Delegator – an entity that owns XTZ and decides to delegate the tokens to Delegation Service.
Endorser – is essentially the same as a baker in Tezos. Because Baker is baking the blocks and also endorsing the blocks. Having said that the term Endorser is not really used in Tezos.

How can Tesozs be mined? What are the requirements to become a Tezos delegate?
There isn’t any minimum amount for delegation. If you want to bake yourself (without using any delegation service) you would need at least 10 000 XTZ.
You can take a look at the available delegation services https://mytezosbaker.com/ – mostly check the conditions (ROI, fees, efficiency). Some delegation services also have a minimum amount. You should always double check on the delegation service website as well if they are accepting new delegates.

What are the ongoing tasks that a Tezos delegate needs to perform?
As a delegate, you really don’t need to do anything after choosing your delegate service if you choose honest delegation service.
You can subscribe to a notification service on telegram, which will let you know when your rewards arrive.
You will receive the rewards to your KT1 Tezos address every 3 days from your delegation service.

Are there any strategies that a delegate can do to maximize his passive income?
A delegate can also become a part of the bond pool. This essentially means doubling the rewards, but also it means moving your Tezos tokens to the delegation service address. More information about this option can be found here

What are the advantaged of voting for Happy Tezos?
We have been baking on Tezos since the beginning with one of the best efficiency ratings.
Delegators can also use our custom dashboard (https://www.happytezos.com/dashboard) to review their rewards. We’re always paying the rewards on time at the beginning of the cycle.

Apart from baking, delegation and endorsing are there any ways to make passive income streams on Tezos?
At the moment no.

Would you like to add anything else?
If you have any questions about Tezos you can always get in touch with us at
Twitter https://twitter.com/happytezos
Web https://www.happytezos.com/
Telegram https://t.me/happytezos_com
Email [email protected]
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=happytezos_com

We thank Andrew Paulicek for the interview.

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