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24th Jul 2019

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Interview with Garry Woodhead Co-Founder / CEO of CurveBlock

Could you describe the objective of Curve Block?

Several reasons let’s cover them one by one,

Firstly to remove the entry barrier for the public to the worlds largest and profitable asset class Real Estate Developing. Irrespective of how little people have to invest they should still have the same opportunity as the wealthy to partake in such a profitable sector of real estate development.

Secondly, we aim to be liquid and no longer reliant on bank funding or traditional funding routes for real estate developing, Why? Because when a financial crisis occurs banks have always stopped lending, pulled agreed funding, cause sites to fold, people to lose their jobs, the list is endless.

Garry Woodhead Co-Founder / CEO CurveBlock

Yet in the same market the wealthy who are liquid and non-reliant on the banks always step in and buy development land at huge discounts in bulk and either develop out the sites with reduced labour & material costs due to the recession and then sell the real estate stock once the recession recovery starts and make substantial profits (rich get richer – poor stay poor). Another avenue the wealthy follow is know as land-banking, buying development land in the recession at huge discounts and either flipping for a profit at a later date or even dropping in the foundations on one single plot to make the planning permission live for life and then selling a few years later with live planning for huge returns.

Another objective for CurveBlock is our non-profit arm of the business we’ll be launching soon which will be called CurveBlock-Helps which will use 5% of profits from every development undertaken by CurveBlock and used to help low-income housing families around the world as well as the homeless who also deserve the same attention and help.

The final goal is to Blitz-Scale CurveBlock by allowing pre-vetted independent real estate developers from around the world to showcase on the platform, this allows a collective collaboration which has the potential to see CurveBlock become one of the worlds largest real estate development companies, you might think its a pipe dream and my original vision is stupid, well you’re wrong, its often the simplest things in life which work best and this is such a simple business model its possible as we grow and execute our vision accordingly, with such a vision

CurveBlock is already talking with some of the worlds largest series A investment companies from around the world who are interested in taking the vision to fruition. Oh and I guess there’s the final comment that we’re going to turn real estate developing on its head, it’s an outdated and bias sector which is ripe for change and let’s make that change the redistribution of global wealth and finally level the paling field once and for all.

What are the opportunities for passive income to the investor?

The options available will be, a universal dividend staking wallet with every development placed within the single wallet, this way the community get returns from every development and don’t need to sit and do due diligence on individual site appraisals which is a very in depth and complicated procedure  if you’re not an appraisal expert with industry knowledge.

This way if a site overperforms or underperforms it doesn’t create a split in the community which would occur if sites were in individual wallets and some people picked over performing sites and some people picked underperforming sites, we need to keep the investment platform simple so the community don’t feel overwhelmed with information and options.

Should people choose not to stake, possibly because they’re traders, then they won’t receive dividend returns for non-commitment to the real estate projects which underpin CurveBlock’s platform. Project profits will be varied, some might be low-end returns such as 20% ROI and others will be sites which hold potential returns of 40%+ based on previous results and experience by the CurveBlock team.

How will the passive income be distributed? When do you expect the first payout?

We aim to have two routes, firstly a stable coin dividend and secondly a fiat dividend payment option (paper money), we will aim to offer multiple currencies conversions so the community can feel confident their investment can be converted into their native currency so profits are available quickly and efficiently.

Payouts will be determined by each site being built and sold, some sites might be fast projects such as 9 months, other sites might be larger and longer for example 2 year developments, the bottom line is as soon as a site is built and sold dividends will be paid out immediately, remember this is real estate developing, you can’t invest in January and expect returns in February, good things come to people who wait, Rome wasn’t built in a day and real estate is no different.

Why does the Curve block team best positioned to make the best out of these opportunities?

The CurveBlock team has over 117 years of experience within the construction sector within small and large developments, along with a combined experience of every sector, albeit real estate, commercial, industrial or agricultural construction, along with our network and knowledge this is exactly why the team have successfully made our private & public clients we’ve previously built for or worked with highly successful.

Brexit, the big question!!!!, firstly remember the answer we mentioned in one of the previous questions about being liquid, CurveBlock will look to take every advantage of such a market, and don’t forget CurveBlock will also be developing outside of the UK as we scale so a single market won’t control our options, making the vision of CurveBlock very exciting.

What are the main risks for investors in CurveBlock?

The old devil of real estate developing, the unpredicted, whats unpredicted mean?, let’s just cover the basics to start with. We purchase a site and all reports look good, then once into the build you find the following problems, land contamination, local authority changing specifications, materials becoming more expensive, schedule of works overrunning due to bad weather etc, its not the death of a development, it just means the returns could be affected due to unseen circumstances.

How are these risks being managed?

Experience and knowledge will always be the ultimate tool to manage such risks, along with our teams experience which has experienced and worked through boom and bust cycles on multiple occasions and fully understand how to maximise returns for the community in such situations which will hopefully make CurveBlock better than the average real estate developer, also because our business model has global scale we can also look to step into countries to construct real estate developments which don’t have financial issues whilst others do, which will allow the CurveBlock community to safeguard our real estate development investments.

What are your fees?

Our fee is very basic and clearly explained in the white papers forecast for full transparency to the CurveBlock community, we simply charge a small 1.5% fee to cover real estate developments to cover operational costs whilst developments are being built out for the community. We hope that as we scale and grow as a company and community such fees can be completely eradicated, we simply have to accept too many companies fail due to cash burn at early stages and we hope our small fee forecast eliminates such a problem.

How can investors participate in this project?

We don’t simply want people to see CurveBlock and instantly invest because of a great article they read, we actually want people to discover CurveBlock and peruse and digest what CurveBlock is about and what CurveBlock aims to become.

Myself ( Gary Woodhead ) personally feels extremely strongly opinionated about this position because I am personally from a working-class family, my mum was a nurse and my dad was a butcher and growing up as a child we had little if no money beyond paying the monthly bills and I fully understand how each day can be a struggle for the masses to survive.

The exact reason why I reverse engineered CurveBlock from a crappy outdated and bias industry sector and produced a product concept which places power back to the people.

Can you provide links to all your disclaimers?

Certainly, we have all disclaimers written on our website

Would you like to add any further information?

Yes, we feel the most important aspect which hasn’t been covered which is the most important aspect to be talked about are the following items, firstly we won’t be paired to BTC |(BitCoin), why, well its too manipulated and we can’t risk our communities investments against such a volatile market, well actually be paired against fiat (paper money) to ensure more stability, and finally we won’t be on any other exchanges other than our own, why?

Firstly because other exchanges charge listing fees of substantial amounts (some of which are e£1m+) a complete waste of investors money, and secondly if we’re not listed on other exchanges and a hack occurs and CBUK dividend tokens are stolen, the tokens will be cancelled and reissued back to the proper owners which will be governed by our smart contract, simple but powerful when it comes to protecting the CurveBlock community.


CurveBlock has been nominated by multiple people for DISRUPTER OF THE YEAR in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2019, if we don’t win its still a fabulous acknowledgement which we’ll always appreciate.

For more information please visit: and CurveBlock Whitepaper

We thank Garry Woodhead for the inteview.


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Not investment or financial advice. This is not an endorsement or recommendation to buy, sell or hold.  The staff of this site may own the asset/s mentioned on this page. Investing is risky and you may lose all your capital. Do your own research. See full disclaimer.

We receive no direct payments from the mentioned companies. Some links on this page are affiliate links, at no extra cost to you, we may receive commissions when you use them. However, we try our best to keep our articles fair and balanced.


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