Upcoming masternodes

A selected list of the upcoming masternodes.

These projects have not launched their masternodes yet.

Walton Coin 

To create a business ecosystem integrating blockchain with IoT. Value Internet of Things (VIoT) constructs a perfect commercial ecosystem via the integration of the real world and the blockchain. Ushering human beings into a reliable digital life. Waltonchain unfolds the new era of Value Internet of Things (VIoT). Learn more about Walton Coin Masternodes


The main goal of REBL as a company is to provide the most user-friendly Blockchain-as-a-Service, building customisable blockchains for e-commerce retailers and any other businesses in need of one, accompanied by end-to-end service. The REBL blockchain is a fast and secure blockchain that is powered by masternodes and fuelled by the REBL cryptocurrency. The REBL blockchain is the core protocol of the concept that functions as the base technology. It is used as the framework to mould customisable blockchain solutions to the specific needs of each client. Learn more about Rebellioius Masternodes


BOScoin = BlockchainOS + Coin. BOScoin is an abbreviation of Blockchain Operating System. BlockchainOSʼ vision is to provide a sustainable and evolutionary global platform that is not dependent on a centralized organization.

If you want to run a node, you can freeze at least 40,000 BOS on your account and maintain a fully synchronized node on the BOS network. When you run a full node, you will receive three different types of rewards. First, Freezing Reward. It is rewarded to nodes depending on the number of units they have frozen. Second is the Confirmation Reward, which is rewarded to the node that confirms a block. Lastly, a transaction fee is collected whenever BOScoin transactions occur. Transaction fees will be gathered to a common pool and redistributed on a weekly basis. 30% of the transaction fees will be allocated to the Commons Budget and 70% will be redistributed to nodes that are live on the BOScoin network.

Although Boscoin masternodes are not active, they platform has already enabled staking.


Ambrosus is a blockchain-powered IoT network for food and pharmaceutical enterprises, enabling secure and frictionless dialogue between sensors, distributed ledgers and databases to optimise supply chain visibility and quality assurance.

Ambrosus Masternode onboarding procedure

Dadi Host 

Ticker: Dadi

Monetizes spare computational power, DADI is the middleman between all the peers who have computational power and those who need it. Have a look at this interesting AMA from Dadi.

Wabi – Walimai Masternode

Ticker: WABI

Walimai and Wabi are 2 different blockchains.  Wabi is an ERC20 token and is not a supply chain coin. Walimai is a supply chain coin and the Walimai masternodes audit the transactions on the Walimai chain. To run a Walimai node 5.000 Wabi are needed. There is a queue to operate a masternode. They are assigned according to the size of the wallet of the applicant. Walimai also have another type of masternode called TrustNode. The community has not been too excited about this.


Ticker: TFD 

Farm-to-table fresh food traceability on the blockchain. They have a tokenomics model which is unlike most other MN coins, but similar to Wagerr and Trittium, MN returns come from fees rather than inflation. The returns paid are in a stable token, called Calories (CAL).

See also the restrictive masternode onboarding process, which is more complex than typical masternodes.

TE-Food masternode types.

  • Iridium — 20 000 TFD
  • Steel — 60 000 TFD
  • Platinum — 120 000 TFD
  • Titanium — 350 000 TFD


Ticker: TRIG

Powering the future of innovation in enhanced defence technology by providing the first and only decentralized blockchain network for sensor-based systems. Learn more about Trigger Masternodes.


Ticker: ENG

Enigma is a blockchain agnostic platform which enables secret smart contracts. The team thinks that Enigma masternodes will require between 25,000 and 30,000 ENG. Read more on Enigma Masternodes: Engima Staking and Enigma Masternodes


Ticker: SWM

Swarm is an STO (Security token) platform. It has already successfully funded several platforms. Swarm Masternodes require 50,000 SWM. The SWM token can be used to buy STO investments listed on the Swarm platform.


Ticker: TOMO

Tomochain will have a total of 150 TOMO masternodes, it will also be possible to stake TOMO.

Matrix AI

Matrix masternodes 10,000 MAN needed – block reward is 22.5 MAN.

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