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Vulcano a Proof-of-Stake and Masternode-based cryptocurrency with a focus on geothermal research and development.

Vulcano aims to set new standards for transparency and accountability while redefining the relationship between cryptocurrency and sustainability. Vulcano’s journey began with a relaunch of its blockchain at the beginning of September 2018 as a community effort. Initially a simple staking coin, Vulcano was reimagined by Jason “BitBender” Brink and his team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Vulcano Team believes in a world in which cryptocurrency is part of our daily lives and supports growth a development in a wide variety of sectors. They have chosen to focus on sustainability and have devised a system whereby a portion of their masternode governance fees go to support sustainability research and scholarships for students working in the field of sustainability. While the governance portion of the Vulcano block reward structure has not yet activated – this is set for March 2019 – university partnerships are already being formed and research projects are being funded.

There is no point at which the Vulcano project will be “done” as it is designed to continue to grow and evolve into the future, following the requirements of sustainability research and serving the interests of the vibrant and global Vulcano community.

Currently, Vulcano holders can earn additional $VULC through both staking and through deploying masternodes to help secure the broader network., Future developments, specifically the Moho Project, will increase the earning potential for $VULC holders and introduce a proof-of-work component to the Vulcano blockchain. This will not be Proof-of-Work in the sense that it directly produces $VULC through mining, but rather is the delivery of $VULC to those who contribute to a distributed computing system, similar to Berkeley’s BOINC network. While this income will still be “passive,” it will require greater computational resources than the simple servers used to host masternodes.

The Vulcano Team has a long history in the cryptocurrency space and have all made significant contributions to other community efforts. After years of working in community projects and volunteering to help build ecosystems and feeling their efforts thwarted by disorganized development structures, they decided to band together to show the true potential of a competently run community project. In this way, they have set in motion a full legal complement to establish the Vulcano Foundation, a Vulcano Business Unit, and several other affiliated organizations to serve the growth of the community project.

It is the Vulcano team’s goal to BE the difference they want to see in a world of decreased returns from cryptocurrency projects, failed ICOs, scams, and dishonest operators. Vulcano has a long-term commitment to using cryptocurrency as it was designed to be used – to build a better future.

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