Who is Richard Heart?

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Why are we featuring Richard Heart on a site focused on passive income and financial freedom?

We are because Mr Heart has achieved financial freedom in a few years and retired in his 20s. Now he is launching a cryptocurrency called Hex. Hex smart contracts function like a CD (Certificate of Deposit), coins are locked and interest in Hex is generated.

Richard Heart is a colourful character who has risen in notoriety in the crypto space first through his price predictions and then as the founder of Hex.  He was born in Florida and comes from humble beginnings. His earliest memories are of his Mum reading books to him at the age of 3.

In his youth, Richard was sent to a school for gifted children where he was king of the nerds! In this school, he describes himself as being the least intelligent out of a very intelligent bunch. In 6th Grade, he learnt logic before he learnt math. He was awarded a scholarship to go to College.

He worked with his father in commercial newspaper distribution and air conditioning installation. This period of his life was both physically and emotionally hard. Working in attics was physically challenging heat, lack of light and low pay made this work physically hard. Many of his work colleagues in the air condition installation abused drugs.

In his 20s he launched his online business, focused on affiliate marketing. At first, it focused on Mortgages but later on it promoted anything that can be sold primarily using the internet but also used print and radio whatever can be sold on the internet. Eventually, this company had more than 150 employees and made more than 60 million in yearly revenue.

In 2003 travelled the world living more than 20 different countries. He got scammed in Panama. In this period he read of self-help books and played a lot of video games. He regrets spending a decade of his life playing video games.

He discovered Bitcoin from Reddit and then started mining it using the video game cards he had on his gaming computer.

On Hex

Hex is a new cryptocurrency based on ERC20. It is a system with game theory to increase demand of the coin, which he calls excellent “pumpemntals”. He’s is designed to have a shot at being one of the top-ranked Cryptos. Hex was earlier called Bitcoin Hex, however, Mr Heart thinks that a standalone brand has more potential than using Bitcoin in the Hex name. In addition, there is no reason for Bitcoin to profit from the Hex brand! Learn more about Hex

Learn more about Hex.

On passive income

“Your business should be making money for you while you sleep.”

On entrepreneurship

Team play is key.

On Gold

It is not a good investment. It has lost 20% of its value in the last decade.

On leaving a legacy

In this stage in his life, Richard does not feel that he did enough good things for himself, his parents and grandparents. He would like to change that.

On Financial freedom.

He created an online business which he sold achieving financial freedom. Afterwards, he dedicated his life to hedonistic pursuits. Now he would like to leave a legacy, change the world for the better. His first project in this direction is Hex, but he would like to fund medical research that extends life for people like him and his family.

Going Short and long on Bitcoin

Shorting coins is dangerous. Buying the bottom and hoping the BTC goes up is much less risky and more profitable than shorting Bitcoin. Consider. Buy Bitcoin at 20k short it to 3k profit of 17k, cost of entry 20k!. Buy Bitcoin at 3k and ride it to 20k, profit of 17k cost of entry only 3k.

On Self Improvement

It is not what you know; it is how you apply your knowledge. The more you learn and the less you apply it, the more guilty you will feel. Get Rich, Get FIt, Get Healthy.

Helping others and yourself

A lot of rich people have done a lot for the world but not for themselves. Steve Jobs is an example.

On Bitcoin

Bitcoin has a coin limit of 21 million in theory; miners can change that. Hex does not suffer from this attack vector. Bitcoin is not a good store of wealth when compared to altcoins which pump harder and generate more gains than Bitcoin itself.

Bitcoin greatest shortcoming is that there is no one that can directly profit by onboarding users. This is why there have only been 4 million Bitcoin addresses who hold more than $100, this metric shows that Bitcoins adoption has been poor.

This situation is the tragedy of the commons, which means when an asset is owned by a group of people. The owners have a dilemma, do they work the asset for the profit of the group or themselves. Bitcoins growth is dependent on benevolent volunteers, Hex on the other hand incentives people to actually spread the message.

On Ethereum

It is a platform that provides free trustlessness functionality. Earlier Mr Heart saw a lot of flaws in the platform, however, with time he came to realise that it holds a lot of functional value. Consider which is the richest company in the world, Amazon or FedEx? Infrastructure plays rarely are not positioned to take the maximum value.

The value is captured high up the food chain, for example, who is the richest company in the world Amazon or FedEx.

On Bitcoin Miners

The higher the bitcoin price pumps, the more miners there will be. This will make mining hardware scarce and more expensive. Electricity could also go up in price. Both situations will lead the miners to dump the Bitcoin mined.

On Money

The marginal gains between $75,000 a year in income and much more are debatable.

Social Media

Richard is known as a straight talker, no BS man. He likes to argue and discuss with his punters on twitter. He has 51,000 followers on Twitter. He claims that once Hex, will attract corporate clients he will tone down his SM comments, but guarantees that the edge, which makes him unique, will always be there.

On Health

As of March 2019, he is actively losing weight and lifting weights. He is having elbow issues. He is working on being more chill with himself.

On Success

Success is subjective. In the end, success is measured on one’s own goals. If a person’s goals are humongous, one can never be happy which leads to cortisol levels will being high. Cortisol increases inflation and high inflammation has shown to shorten lifespans.  It seems Richard’s values now are to improve people’s lives.

The Future

Mr Heart’s focus in the future seems to be

  • Work on Hex
  • Invest in tech that makes his life longer and of better.
  • Complete the SciFiv book and have editors customise is for multiple demographics.
  • Get Fit


Richard Heart is a rich dude with above average brain power. He has had a stream of success in his life but also some failures. Who hasn’t?

His new project Hex has been engineered with game theory concepts to control supply, by inflating the currency only 3.69% and creating demand through distributing that inflation to the stakers. The launch is in April 2019, and we are looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

How to find Richard Heart:

? Social Media
You Tube

? Books
└How to fix the world.

? Telegram Channels
http://t.me/Strape 6K member Crypto Chat
http://t.me/RichardsCalls Price predictions
http://t.me/StrapeCharts 2k member Trading chat
http://t.me/sciVive 2 FREE life-changing books!

Richard Heart’s favourite charity is http://SENS.org 

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Author: Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds. Is passionate about finance, passive income and cryptocurrencies. He writes about his passions on NodesOfValue.com. He has worked in the tech and financial industry for a few decades. He holds a masters in business admin and a bachelors in IT. All his writings are not investment advice.

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