Why people fail at Financial Independence? (because they do not feel it)

It’s all about the programming in your grey matter … and the … fire in your heart ….

The same thoughts generate the same actions and the same results. FI requires a reiwiring …

What moves you to do things, to act, to create and achieve things? It is your thoughts and feelings. Thoughts create the path forward, and feelings drive it.

When both emotions and thoughts are aligned in the same direction, beautiful things can happen. If they are not, one can think of a soulless task done just to fulfil a duty rather than to perform an action.

Fortitude of mind and body is needed to achieve financial independence, because one needs to veer off the traditional ideas of money and life. Do not expect much support on this journey!

The traditional idea of 9 to 5 till 65 are reinforced everywhere and by everyone. I have not ever seen a movie about a hero who pursues financial independence or early retirement. Personally, I only know of FIRE seekers who write on the net, no one else from my circle of friends and family pursue this.

The challenge with this pursuit is that it requires much more resilience to pursue FIRE than to pursue something standard like a distinguished career, lovely house, good car and the rest of the works. The resilience comes in the form of understanding what drives your needs and wants. That is the key to unlock freedom.

Moving away from the mainstream requires perseverance and that mental courage can come from reaffirming your objectives and making them an integral part at your lizard brain level. . You can do otherwise but half a committment to something such as FIRE will yield to a wasted life time. You cannot really half ahcieve fire.

It would be hell to be standing at the door of your target date and finding that your FIRE dream is up in flames. Burn burn burn.

That burning is the sensation of working for the man, locked up in a small cubicle typing endlessly for some minion.

How does one commit to FIRE?

Reprogram your lizard brain – make frugality, entreprenuerhsip, financial knowlegde part of who you are. Create your own reality, become the spider of your financial independnce by being the active capitain of your ship rather than a passice cruiser.

Become one with your FIRE objective, what this means is that you live by a set of principles which are not negotiable to anyone not even with you’re tired, cranky or weak self

Keep your strategy in mind but do not hesitate to adjust it given the reality you wake up to.

Emotion is what powers you through the hard times, the difficult times when your internal constitution is at its weakest. One needs to make a distinction between powering your self though negative emotions (the stick) or through positive feelings (the carrot).

Negative emotions such as anger, fear and even jealously work to some extent but they leave you drained and cannot be sustained in the long term, besides you will become the one that everyone avoids at the dinner party.

Positive emotions; loving yourself in such a way as to make FIRE decisions seem natural is the way to go. Positive emotions usually act before and during your actions that sustain fire. Negative emotions work after when it is too late. Positive feelings can positively reinforce your internal values which will alert you to fire while the negative one will make FIRE look like a punishment.

Your thoughts, the ones that occupy your headspace most of the time will fuel your emotions and your actions. These thoughts, need to be monitored and if your success in your quest for financial indulgence is not coming any closer, it is time to get a new template of thoughts.

Mental circuity is very hard to change and modify. Your body and mind have comfort when they experience the same thoughts and emotions, changing them feels like going to the gym the first time it hurts, but it will become much less comfortable. When the new thoughts are used over and over again, they will become part of you – or the remaking a new original you.

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Author: Jim Reynolds
Jim Reynolds. Is passionate about finance, passive income and cryptocurrencies. He writes about his passions on NodesOfValue.com. He has worked in the tech and financial industry for a few decades. He holds a masters in business admin and a bachelors in IT. All his writings are not investment advice.

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